Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keep this person in your thoughts

A club cricketer here in the US is fighting for his life after being hit by lightning. Apparently this was his first game for his club. Hope he makes it through.
Patrick Gibson, 41, was barely breathing and his legs were badly burned after the Marine Park lightning strike, witnesses said.

"His pants were burned. His tongue was out of his mouth and his eyes were rolled back in his head," said Kenneth Charles, 38.

Gibson was playing in his first game for the Brooklyn-based Stars United team when the wild weather chased players off the field at Avenue S and E. 32nd St. just after 4 p.m.

Friends said the Brooklyn man had lagged behind the group to collect equipment when he was hit.

"It started raining. The thunder cracked, and he just fell," said witness Dominic Audain, 22, a cricket player on the opposing team, Middlesex Cricket Country Club.

"I thought he was stunned or shocked," Audain said. "Ten seconds passed and he wasn't moving. That's when we ran over."

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Please keep him in your thoughts. And, most importantly, please get indoors the moment you see lightning/storms approaching. Take no liberty with nature's fury.

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  1. SM said...

    Sad .. pray for his recovery sooon .. weather has been bad even in the Midwest last couple of days . A cricket league was on and for the past month here in Indianapolis and has been postponed due to bad weather .

    Lets hope Pat gibson recovers soon and takes on to the field . TY Sledge for the caution

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