Sunday, July 12, 2009

A New Cricket Application in Town

How many of you own an iPhone or an iPod touch?

For those that do, this is for you; for those who don't you may buy one just for this.

Virtual Cricket is a new cricket application specifically developed for the iPhone and the iPod touch; and its review tells me that it is the best cricket application around.

The application not only allows one to follow the scores of LIVE cricket matches, it provides for ball-by-ball commentary, full scorecards, player and team graphs, and a wide range of statistics.

The best part about it is that it also provides a newsfeed of the latest news, articles, and opinions on cricket on the web; not only from leading cricket websites such as Cricinfo, but also from cricket blogs.

From what I hear, it is the best cricket application developed thus far integrating all the features of other applications and also utilizing iPhone options to make it an enhanced experience for the users.

Try it for yourself to see what it is all about; if you would like to, follow the banner on the right to the iTune store.

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