Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pakistan's Bowling is a Worry

Yes Pakistan's bowlers were the best on show at the World Twenty20, but bowling in test matches is a completely different ball game.

In almost 128 overs, Pakistan's bowlers managed to pick up only 7 wickets of a Sri Lankan XI; with all due respect to them they were a second string Sri Lankan batting line up.

There was no King Sanga, no Jayawardene, no Dilshan.

Umar Gul did not play against the Sri Lanka XI; but the other pacers - Aamer, Rauf, and Razzaq did.

Only Rauf managed to pick a wicket in the two innings.

While Kaneria and Ajmal, who are expected to be the key strikers for Pakistan in the tests, bowled 63.4 overs between them and picked up a total of 3 wickets.

That does not bode well for Pakistan's spinners, or the pacers for that matter.

What are they going to do when they come up against the real Sri Lanka?

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  1. Stani Army said...

    Don't worry Q! Please see random pakistan cricfket fact #12.

    I think Ajmal and Kaneria were taking it easy as spinning involves a lot of wear and tear. They probably saving the best for the test.

    I don't think our pacers will do much to be honest. I hope I'm wrong.

    How useful would Afridi's bowling have been?!?!

  2. Anonymous said...

    In SL taking wkts doesnt matter. Making runs does. Pitches as usual be slow and dry. Bat huge, keep bowling. Results dont matter. Thats a typical Lankan test for you.

    So if Pakistan has to win, they will have to score huge keeping Murali at bay.

  3. Wasim said...

    Kineria should retire now, not only that he fails to take any wickets but is also quite expensive, out of all the spinners in the practice match he was the most expensive.

    Umar Gul will strengthen Pak attack to some extent but he needs support from other bowlers, Aamer will have to learn fast, not including Tanvir in the team was a mistake.

    I think it is time for a test return for Afridi.

    It will be a mistake to select Yousaf he needs time to get his form and fitness back in his place Fawad Alam should be included in the team.

  4. Som said...

    I think not much should be read in these warm-up games. As long as they have warmed up, things should be fine.

  5. Unknown said...

    I agree with Som, but I'm not saying that our bowling will not struggle in this series. They didn't have much luck when Srilanka came to Pakistan. But, we can always hope. Hopefully, the new bowlers (Ajmal, Amir, Rauf) will manage to surprise us. Give Kaneria time, the guy hardly ever plays international cricket nowadays (due to no fault of his own).

  6. Unknown said...

    As far as MoYo is concerned, he has not played an international match in how long?
    Give him time to find his feet and get that sweet timing back. If I was in the PCB, I would make sure that MoYo plays every test match, to keep him happy and compensate for the disappointment/anger/sense of betrayal he will feel when he gets dropped from the ODI team in the not too distant future.
    Then again, knowing how smart the PCB people are, MoYo will probably continue to play in the ODIs and Fawad Alam will continue to be wasted.

  7. Leg Break said...

    How did Sri Lanka's batsmen go against Pakistan earlier in the year again?

  8. Q said...


    I don't think they were taking it easy.. they toiled long and hard without any success...

    Kaneria bowled 30 overs.. gave away 135 runs and picked up 2 wickets..

    One can just imagine wat Afridi would have done had he bowled 30 overs..

  9. Q said...


    You can only win tests if u pick up 20 wickets.. I don't think the Pak bowlers can.. making runs will not be a problem for either side.. but that will not win u test matches..

  10. Q said...


    The more I see Kaneria the more I think how useless he is..

    I would love to see Afridi back in the test picture..

    Yousuf will play.

    I don't think they can ignore Fawad after his 83*, he should play at 6 but I doubt that will happen.

  11. Q said...


    The warm up game was similar to the test match Pak and SL played in March.. the trend continues, hence the concern..

  12. Q said...


    I'm not sure what the composition of the bowing will be.. its hard to see Rauf getting a game cos if Pak goes in with both Ajmal and Kaneria, they have space for only 2 pacers and that will be Gul and Aamer..

    Boy do I hate to see MoYo back in the team!

  13. Q said...


    They scored century after century and double 100 after double 100 !!

  14. khansahab said...

    I don't think Yousuf should be left out. If he doesn't get match practice he will not get accustomed to match conditions. Misbah and Younis also fell cheaply in the warm-up. He can still serve Pakistan cricket for a year or two, so in my view he should be an automatic selection.

    If Pakistan want to win they need to play ALL of Gul, Aamer and Rauf. I will play all of them even if it means Razzaq or Fawad Alam have to sit out. Umar Gul is not as good in Tests as he is in ODI's and T20. Aamer is inexperienced and Razzaq is just someone who fills the gap, but he is not a genuine fast bowler. Pakistan needs Rauf to play as well as Gul and Aamer.

    Either they play Kaneria or Ajmal, it doesn't make a difference. Since Ajmal is good on confidence these days maybe they should play him instead of Kaneria. Ajmal was not brilliant in the warm-up. Sri Lanka will play both of them with relative ease.

  15. Stani Army said...

    Thing is Q, if I was a spinner who had Test matches coming up, i would certainly not be straining myself in a warm up match. Merely turning the arm around, getting the line, length right and getting to know the conditions would be enough.

    There's no point giving 100% in a warm up....especially on subcontinent pitches.

  16. Anonymous said...

    Pace would be the key to bundle SL out. Raw pace. Who has got that ?

  17. Q said...


    I agree with playing all 3 Gul, Aamer and Rauf.. I mention that in my new post as well..

    We will have to attack them with pace.. whether it will work or not i'm not too sure..

  18. Q said...


    Looking at it that way, it makes sense. Lets hope the spinners were keeping their best for the test.

  19. Q said...


    Aamer does, but he's too raw himself.

  20. Wasim said...


    Looks like batting is going to be our main worry.

    I would still say Butt should be dropped and Fawad Alam or Razzak should be included in his place and let Akmal open the innings.

  21. Q said...


    You know why I was not in favour of Akmal opening, thank God that did not open.

    Now I know Butt did not do well, but take a look at his last few tests.. he has done well.

    T20 and ODI performance should not be a measure for test match performance..

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