Friday, July 31, 2009

Why Hughes, Why not Hussey?

Since making his debut, Phil Hughes has played 5 tests; 3 against South Africa and 2 against England in the on going Ashes series.

His scores in those 5 tests read:

0, 75, 115, 160, 33, 32, 36, 4, 17

In those same tests Michael Hussey's scores read:

4, 0, 50, 19, 20, 39, 3, 51, 27

Moreover, we all know what a nightmare Hussey has had before these string of scores.

Then why does he continue to retain his place but poor Hughes, who was touted as the next big thing in Australia, gets benched?

If Shane Watson just had to play then he could have easily come in for Hussey.

Why drop Hughes and put Watson in a make-shift position?

I would have surely preferred Hughes, Katich, Ponting, Clarke, North, Watson instead of the line up Australia have gone in with for this 3rd Ashes test.

And what did Hussey do today - another first ball duck!

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  1. Tifosi Guy said...


    Fair question - albeit I guess the thinking amongst the Aussies is that Hughes is a dead duck against bowling aimed at this body. That is a technical flaw that the English have exploited.

    Sure how Hussey escapes the chop though is beyond me, because now he is showing signs that even the most basic trait in a batsman - i.e. knowing where your off stump is - is beyond him !!!

    Anyways - leaving the Hussey/Hughes mystery, why is Johnson playing !!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm dumfounded at the lack of thinking of Ponting - he is the one who needs the bowlers to take wickets, not Nielsen or Merv Hughes the other team selectors.

    After the Lords and Worcest horror show - how on earth Johnson plays and Clark doesn't is beyond me.

    I'm dead certain if Steve Waugh was the captain - Johnson wouldn't play. Tugga was the same guy who dropped Warne in West Indies in 1999 and then went on to win the last test and draw his FIRST series at test captain !!!!!!!

    Johnson looks like a guy whose confidence is shot - so why play him ????

    I can't believe the Aussies are making such daft decisions !!

  2. Jonathan said...

    The question everyone is asking...

  3. Q said...


    The thing that surprised me is that the Australians are usually very easy on a few failures and allow most players many many opportunities before dumping them.. their whole questioning of Hughes and even Johnson surprised me..

  4. Q said...


    Does anyone have an answer?

  5. Tifosi Guy said...


    The Aus team from the late 90's to 06 could carry a guy or two underperforming for a while. Simply because the team was that good. They carried Taylor through a year ( 96 - 97) long slump and yet they won more often than not.

    They carried Gillespie through the first three tests of the ill fated 05 tour.

    This Aus team though cannot do it. Until the team starts to win consistently, you will see the chop/change associated with other teams. It is but part of a team building process.

  6. Jonathan said...

    TG, that doesn't explain why Hughes is dropped while Hussye continues be to carried through a drier spell than any that has been seen for quite a while...

    Q, it looks like the selectors have lost the plot. Not sure exactly when it happened, but perhaps it was when MacGill tried to manipulate their choice of his successor or soon afterwards.

  7. Q said...


    You're right abt that. Not only Taylor but even Hayden was carried through a prolonged slump.. I think both of them went on for some 30 innings without a decent score.. and they could do it cos the team kept winning.

    You r absolutely right in saying that the current Aus team does not have the same luxury.. then why r they still carrying Hussey?

  8. Q said...


    I understood the musical chairs with the spinners.. no one knew who the best replacement could be so they tried a few and I guess zeroed in on Hauritz.. but I believe there are ample middle order batsmen in Australia worthy of replacing Hussey..

    Even Watson is for that matter.

    They found a good opener in Jacques and then let him go.. they found a good one in Hughes and let him go too..

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