Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Discounted Ashes Tickets

I've been in London for almost a week now, which I have spent familiarizing myself with the city, the transport system, the supermarkets where one should do groceries, among other things.

I can say that I have almost perfected the tube system. It is simply awesome; Dubai's RTA can learn a thing or two from TFL.

As for the supermarkets, my friends here have been very helpful in guiding me to the right ones.

The best thing though, that I was recently introduced to, is Voucher Codes.

In the UK, you can shop for absolutely anything and everything online, even groceries!

And if you use voucher codes, you can avail some sizeable discounts. Check it out for yourself.

You must be thinking why am I telling you about this on Well Pitched?

Well, that's because while browsing through these voucher codes, I came across a discount offer for Ashes tickets.

If the tickets were expensive for you, you can now go watch England win back the Ashes by buying cheaper tickets!

I'm liking this London; not as much as Dubai yet, but I think I will soon enough.

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