Saturday, August 8, 2009

Finally a Win for Pakistan

I landed in San Francisco yesterday afternoon with the news that Pakistan had finally won their first game of their tour to Sri Lanka.


The game had been played out while I was in mid-air so I had no idea what went down till I checked the scorecard.

321. Brilliant!

Umar Akmal century. Aswesome!

Off only 70 odd deliveries. That's how he plays. Must have been one hell of an innings to watch.

Mohammad Yousuf and Misbah returned to the middle order. Why in the world?

Imran Nazir returned to the international fold. Finally!

Fawad Alam dropped. WHY!?

Rao Iftikhar took 5 wickets. You got to be kidding me!

The series has been lost so this was nothing more than a face-saving win for Pakistan but atleast they opened their account in what has been their worst tour to Sri Lanka in history.

Besides that, it was also good that Pakistan managed to win convincingly.

The biggest plus point though was that Pakistan won on the back of Umar Akmal's innings.

There are very few things more heartening than witnessing a young promising cricketer making his mark in international cricket.

I've been saying for some time now that Umar is Pakistan's future. Pakistan have blooded him at the perfect time and it will do them a lot of good if they continue to persist with him in the middle order.

After this innings, he is surely here to stay.

Now if only Pakistan can ask Misbah to leave his ODI colors and play Fawad Alam consistently in the middle order.

The win might have come too late in the tour, but I do believe that Pakistan is moving in the right direction.

Time is all they need, time is all that I have asked for.

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  1. SM said...

    Congrats Q , the men in green played in some style . specially the little Akmal and aslo shiny strokes from Rao and Younis was good . I was impressed with Umar seeing him matcheing stroke per stroke with YK in the 176 run partnership . I was amazed to see him walking down the pitch to talk with YK between the balls rather than YK walking to him and calming him down . Is his the second positive finds of the tour after FA ?

    BTW you are in SFO ? enjoy your stay / tour . Bye take care .lets touch base for today's match SM

  2. Q said...


    I am in fact in SFO :-) .. is that where u are? mail me ur number if ur here..

    Umar is surely the find of the tour.. FA I would think was found a long time ago, he only got his due chance this tour..

  3. SM said...

    I am in Indianapolis . Midwest. My number is 3177024758.

  4. Husha said...

    You HAVE to watch the Umar Akmal bit, at least. Maybe youtube? The ball he completed his 100 off, it hit the boundary due to a misfield. Unbelievably awesome.

  5. Husha said...


  6. Q said...

    Thanx for the link Husha.. he is awesome!

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