Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Introducing the Wicket Widget

Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Cover-it-Live ...

So far you would have used one or more of these applications to discuss cricket and chat with other cricket fanatics over the web.

Ever wondered how you could have all your cricket friends gathered in one forum, using which you can follow the latest cricket scores, cricket news, and also chat with other fans?

Well wonder no more because the Wicket Widget is here!

The Wicket Widget is the first ever desktop cricket specific chat application that provides the latest news and content from the world of cricket and beyond straight to your desktops.

It is also the only desktop cricket application with a community chat function, using which you can chat with other cricket fans, invite friends, see when they're online, and do a whole lot more.

Developed by the BIO Agency, the Wicket Widget also aggregates cricket news and content from globally renowned websites such as BBC Sport, Cricinfo, and the ECB, besides pulling cricket videos from youtube as well.

Can you imagine one little widget on your desktop that provides you with all the cricket news and updates all at one place.

On top you can discuss about the same with your friends who are online
at the same time.

What's more, the widget will also show you the latest LIVE scores of all the matches being played; both international and county games.

You wouldn't have to log on to any website or cricket news site; everything you need, your daily dose of cricket stuff will all be available on your desktop via the Wicket Widget!

You can download the widget straight to your desktop from here.

What are you waiting for then? Download it and start chatting cricket!

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