Thursday, September 24, 2009

South Africa Just Don't Have it...

Before I talk about Pakistan's victory, I want to address a few comments that were made regarding my Champions Trophy preview.

Many felt that I was underestimating South Africa and overestimating New Zealand.

I beg to differ.

Time and again South Africa have shown us that they do not have it in them as a team to win high profile tournaments.

They have some great players, who collectively form a very disciplined team, but there is something lacking there.

Maybe its the aggression or the killer instinct, or maybe its just the mental strength; the point is that they don't have it.

Which is why I don't think they stand a chance in this Champions Trophy.

Especially after what Dilshan and Sri Lanka did to them yesterday, the remote chance that they had is also gone.

As for New Zealand; they may be average players but as a team they have always done well.

And it is the fact that others underestimate them that brings the best out of them.

Tomorrow's South Africa vs New Zealand match will probably prove this point further.

Till then, I'm sticking to my guns - New Zealand to trump and dump South Africa from the Champions Trophy.

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8 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    Whatever it is, they are top ranked team in ODIs too...

    And if they make their selection right the Saffers should go to the final stage and make my India vs SA prediction true.

    Shayad too much to ask for.

  2. Leela said...


    I hope your prediction comes true and the Saffers are dumped out by the Kiwis.

  3. Q said...


    They r the top ranked team and that is because they consistently win all the matches.. which r usually meaningless ODIs.. when they come to the ODIs that matter, they crumble under pressure..

  4. Q said...


    I hope so too ..

  5. Wasim said...


    SA thrashed NewZealand quite easily are you still sticking to your guns.:))

  6. Reverse Sweep said...

    well they trashed Kiwis, so what will you say now? Could England be able to sent SA out. Could NZ be able to beat ENG and SL both to have run on run rate?

    I am giving a life line to SA till semis at least??

  7. Q said...


    Well I got that wrong so can't stick to my guns on that but i'm still sticking to South Africa not making it to the semis.. England will beat them..

  8. Q said...

    Reverse Sweep,

    I feel England trumping South Africa..

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