Sunday, December 20, 2009

Afghanistan's second chance, and other T20 2010 stuff

We all know the recent fairytale story of Afghanistan. From World Cricket League's Division 5 (extremely low echelons), to falling just one victory short of qualification for the 2011 World Cup, yet gaining official ODI status.

Now Afghanistan has its second chance to make its mark among in the big leagues. They are scheduled to play the World T20 qualifiers in UAE in February 2010. And guess who's in their group? Why, none other that the US of A! Isn't that convenient??? So that should be exciting.

The winner of the tournament will be placed in the South Africa/India group, and the runner-up will be placed in the West Indies and England group.

And speaking of the T20 2010 World Cup, if anyone in North America is thinking of going for a short trip, I would suggest the following weekend in St. Lucia:

Sat May 1st, India vs Qualifying Champions
Sat May 1st, Pakistan vs Bangladesh

Sun May 2nd, India vs South Africa
Sun May 2nd, Pakistan vs Australia

That's a pretty action-packed weekend, and Pak-India fans are GUARANTEED to see their teams in action, even if they aren't playing each other. Unlike when so many of us (me included) got burned in 2007! I mean, no disrespect to the Bangladesh and Ireland teams, but we were expecting, ahem, other teams to play! :)

It's just a weekend trip, so it should be doable for a lot of people from a schedule perspective. I am strongly thinking about making the trip. But being back in school, I have finals at that time, so I have to take that into consideration. Let's see.

But wouldn't it be awesome if Afghanistan won the qualifiers? Ind vs Afghanistan, followed by Pak vs Bangladesh. Regional pride!!!

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  1. Poshin_david said...


    I wrote an article about your blog. Do take a look at Best of 2009 - (My favorite articles by my fellow bloggers)

    Poshin :D

  2. Anonymous said...

    Шикарно, возьму в дневник

  3. Anonymous said...

    "мысли здравые, но тяжело читать, не знаю почему"

  4. Rayden said...

    I really hope Afghanistan Qualifies. India vs Afghanistan followed by Pak vs Bangladesh would be awesome.

    Of course the next day would be big, India vs SA, Pak vs Aus - I predict one of those four teams will win the 2010 cup. Of course being T20, Pak remains the favourite!

  5. BAQ said...

    Great idea there Sledge, im seriously considering going over to st. lucia for the weekend. Any ideas where we could get the tickets though?

  6. SledgeHammer said...

    @BAQ: Tickets for the matches are available right now at:

    Tickets are extremely cheap, around US $10 or so for the group matches, and not much more for the Super 8 matches.

    Definitely try to make it, it should be awesome. I will try my best.

  7. Sandy said...

    Very well written. Yes it will really big for Afghanistan to make it into big league. Continue your good job.

  8. ベネトリン said...

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