Saturday, May 15, 2010

Which was the most painful?

In chronological order, here are Pakistan's 10 most painful losses since I've been following cricket:

  • Melbourne 1985 (B&H Final vs India)
  • Lahore 1987 (WC SF vs Australia)
  • Bridgetown 1988 (3rd Test vs WI)
  • Bangalore 1996 (WC QF vs India)
  • Lord's 1999 (WC Final vs Australia)
  • St. John's 2000 (3rd Test vs WI)
  • Kingston 2007 (WC Group Match vs Ireland)
  • Johannesburg 2007 (T20 WC Final vs India)
  • Sydney 2010 (2nd Test vs Australia)
  • St. Lucia 2010 (T20 WC SF vs Australia)
Which do you think is the most painful? Try not to let the fresh wounds of St. Lucia affect your choice; naturally it hurts the most right now. But which one is the most painful overall?

Any other suggestions are welcome. This is just my personal top 10.

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  1. Fauzan Shah said...

    Will have to go with the loss against India, as much as this one is hurting right now.

    I would also like to nominate the 2nd test in Australia in the 1999/2000 series. When half the team had been dismissed, and they needed 240 odd runs to win, and our attack comprised of Wasim, Waqar, Saqlain and Shoaib. In terms of Test Match losses, that one hurts the most.

  2. Anonymous said...

    i don't know but for a moment I felt totally suicidal....

    i only started watching cricket last year, so I would say this is the most painful thing I ever witnessed. And not just witnessed, it cut my heart and I fear i will die a bitter old maid.

    I'm especially sad because they REALLY had a chance right down to the last ball. And yes, Australia was good...but PAKISTAN..i mean, you had a jillion du'as backing you, not to mention the ones of my whole entire family..including extended relatives that we only meet at weddings at the buffet table wrestling over chana chaat... Plus it was your last chance...and you REALLY had it in the bag...
    PLUS why was Saaed Ajmal chosen to bowl the last over???

  3. Ankit Poddar said...


    it is surprising that only 3 out of those 10 are against india and 4 against australia!!

  4. Anonymous said...

    which ones are the most painful?

    the ones where your team doesn't get out of the starting blocks or makes a match of it and then loses. I'd ordinarily pick the former, but I'm not sure anymore.

    totally feel for pak fans. your team did 9 out of 10 things right y'day.

  5. Poshin_david said...

    Well I don't know the matches before that WC finals versus Australia.....but I'd say that the Indian victory was the most painful with Dhoni lifting the cup!

  6. Brand builder & Story teller said...

    Still gotta be Sydney. Because even as an Indian, I BELIEVED in Pak. One and only time. And they took my dog and let it get run over by a 30mph truck.

    That, and the worldcup '87 loss. At that time, it seemed like Imran (FINALLY) was going to quit. And it would be a Kapil vs Imran showdown in the final, not the Border-Gatt anticlimax.

  7. Unknown said...

    definitely the 1999 final when australia whipped our ass in the final........second most painful was the t20 final loss to india........

  8. Q said...

    I would say the Lord's final in 1999.. the team we had back then was prob the best Pak team ever.. we were so damn close even though the final game wasn't a close one..

    For tests, I'd go with Fauzan.. it was the Perth test.. Aussies needed 363 to win.. they were 5 down for 100 something when Gilchrist joined Lander.. Langer was caught behind of Wasim Akram but not given.. the match was ours had that been given out.. from thereon both Langer and Gilly knocked 100s and took the game away from us..

    Last night's wounds though have still not healed.. it was a shocker!

  9. Zubair Sheikh said...

    Against Ireland in 07 world cup. I remained in bed for the whole next day as if i was mourning. It hurts most. Followed but 132 runs collapse in 99 final.

  10. AMK said...

    Bangalore 1996 (WC QF vs India)is still painfull. I dont think Aamir sohail did anything worth while in life after that hand gesture !

  11. Barry said...

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  12. Haider said...

    Q,its always gona be painful when your team just gives the match when there is no chance of losing. Pakistan sadly has made a mockery of cricket, there followers around the world and of course this country. We need new blood even if it takes another 5 years to win any thing. This teams full of corrupt assholes needs to be cut lose. They are unprofessional scum of the earth. When your captain say's " larr kay harnay ka apna maaza hai" you know some thing fucked up is up. Larr kay harrnay mai rate bhought aaala milll taaa hai.

  13. Zag said...

    World Cup final 1999 for sure... the way we dominated everyone before the final and to loose like that...

  14. Anonymous said...

    @Haider: are u sure he said that? But if he did, he didn't say it straight up just like that. i'm sure he said it defensively in response to an interviewer's question. and who know what the exact words n circumstances were?

    finally i know even if he said it, he won't believe it he's just saying it so ppl in pak dont go crazy..

    because in the post match presentation when he came up before hussey and the aussie captain, he seemed almost about to cry. so is this "maza"? i dont think so.

    plz stop blaming individuals like a typical pakistani, it's just a game and the WHOLE team is responsible as a UNIT for the loss. Inzi made a formal speech about this a few days ago

    and please mind your language and stop backbiting, don't go denouncing people who r playing for the honour of our country!!!

  15. Anonymous said...

    there was a gr8 diagram i saw which shows ball for ball how australia won the match by LUCK and chance. the whole game turned around cuz of hussey -diagrams are scientific n true, not people's biased opinions.

    n pak had the upper hand till...well we all know. i can't locate it but it ws the hawk eye thing and i wish i cud find it and link it to show all the haters that it ws a chance defeat, no matter how painful.


    1. in an interview saeed ajmal said he hd arranged wid afridi to bowl the last over no matter what,

    2. second thing, he said when he started bowling the wind {uncontrollable natural element}
    picked up in the WRONG DIRECTION so it ws impossible to hav control.

    3. lastly the reason aamer n razzaq werent chosen to bowl that fateful over ws the aforementioned reasons plus the previous overs they had bowled with bad results to hussey.

    so overall, fate sealed the sad deal, not afridi or any one else. i hate people who blame one person for everything

  16. Anonymous said...

    Watch David Hussey exclusive interview after his heroics knock in semi final at

  17. Freehit said...

    I havent seen the matches before 1999,but among the last ones,I would think the 2nd test in Australia(2010),since it created so many problems,allegations of match fixing and such doubts.
    I think it hurt the players and the country the most.

  18. siddharth01 said...

    Kapil Dev What a Indian cricketer.

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