Monday, August 2, 2010

So whose decision was recalling Yousuf?

This is what Salman Butt said at the press conference after the embarassing loss to England:

"Having seen the past results can anybody over here tell me how many wins Pakistan had with the people who were previously playing?"

The response was to a question about recalling Yousuf or Younis or both.

And this is what Waqar Younis said:

"Look, one is retired [Yousuf]. We can't really bring somebody back from retirement. The other one [Younis] has got serious issues with the cricket board [PCB]"

And then a statement came from Pakistan's chief selector, Mohsin Khan, who said:

"We got a request from the tour management for Mohammad Yousuf and I then discussed with our selectors and we have okayed it"

Aren't Salman Butt and Waqar Younis part of the tour management team?

Did they really request for Yousuf?

I believe the PCB have taken a step back after taking two steps forward, despite the losses, and Yousuf's return will not be really welcomed with open arms.

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  1. Kuram said...

    The PCB has a case of A.D.D. They don't have a temperament and they ask our players to show temperament....

    Some guy on a forum nailed the abbreviation.... its the Pakistan Clown Board....

  2. Hayley Barmy Army said...


    I work with the Barmy Army and saw your post, interesting point raised.

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  3. HK Jain said...


    Could you clear up the spam comments.

    I suppose PCB is in dilemma. Whatever they do looks funny.

    Moreover, if someone did wrong why you are calling back.

  4. Unknown said...

    After all the song and dance he was "too tired" to play after all.

  5. Fayez said...

    I'm actually happy that Yousuf is back. I hope Younus makes it back too. PCB is messed up, why punish the players for the administration's short comings. I don't think gifting places to youngsters is taking 2 steps forward. These players while talented, need stability to flourish - the stability & security of having 2 players with 50+ averages and wealth of experience around them.

    On the other hand, hopefully these seniors have learnt that no one benefits by having big egos.

  6. Mudassar @ said...

    I think we should move forward now and should hope that his return become good for team and he repeat at least half of what he did last time in England.

    But there is no hope of sanity from PCB which is actually just a pack of wagging egos.

  7. Sri Lanka Cricket said...

    What did Yousuf do that he wont be welcomed back?

  8. Sri Lanka Cricket said...

    Not been following Pak cricket too closely. Sure Yousuf has retired but others before him have come out of retirement?

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