Friday, December 17, 2010

We Deserve Answers

What is going on in Pakistan cricket?

Yes we all heard that the ICC gave the PCB an ultimatum about cleaning up their act and getting their house in order.

But what exactly has the PCB been up to since then?

A lot for sure, but why have we, the general public, been kept in the dark?

First Kamran Akmal was not selected for the series against South Africa. Initially there was news about an appendicitis operation, but then even when he was fit, and Haider ran away, the senior Akmal was not selected.

Even Akmal was unsure as to why he was not selected and he requested the ICC for information on whether he was under any suspicion regarding spot fixing. The ICC gave him a letter clearing him!

Then there was the Danish Kaneria issue. A day before the test players were to fly out to the UAE for the series against South Africa, the PCB disallowed Kaneria from joining the team.


And then came the news that the ICC has asked the PCB to not consider Kamran Akmal, Danish Kaneria, and Shoaib Malik in the initial pool of 30 players for the ICC World Cup!


Yes we all know that there are suspicions regarding match fixing or spot fixing, but what exactly are those suspicions? Does the ICC have have reservations or the PCB? Do any of them have any evidence? Why are there conflicting reports every where? Why aren't the PCB or the ICC coming out in the open and publicly telling us what is going on? Why is everything going on behind closed doors?

Yes, we would like to see Pakistan cricket cleaned up, but whatever is being done regarding it, I believe the general public deserve the right to know.

The latest news now is that the PCB's integrity committee has grilled Akmal, Malik, and Kaneria and has asked them certain questions - what questions!?

We deserve answers!

Not from the players, but from the PCB and the ICC!

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4 Pitched:

  1. Golandaaz said...

    Pakistani cricketers are being banned without proof of any guilt.

    And to my astonishment, the PCB and the government of Pakistan has done nothing to defend its players.

    Try doing this to an Indian or an English cricketer and the world will come to a halt.

  2. Shary said...

    Its a shameful fact of Pakistan that PCB is not doing anything about suspended players, PCB has left them alone and as far as Mr.Butt concern, he just want to save his position which he proved in England by controversial statements.

  3. Sportskeeda said...

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  4. stunner said...

    I dont know whose fault it is? but the fact is Pakistan team did have good talent and continuous to have, but the problem is external issues - its a matter of big concern that a top team has to face such issues, its high time external factors be sorted out, and the team performs to its potential

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