Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Grand World Cup Final: It is all about Sachin Tendulkar!

The first ever ICC World Cup Final between two Asian nations.

The first ever ICC World Cup Final between two host nations.

The third ICC World Cup Final for both teams.

An ICC World Cup Final between the two teams that lost in the Final to Australia during the last two World Cups.

An ICC World Cup Final involving the highest ODI run scorer and highest ODI wicket taker in their last ever ODI*.

There couldn't have been a bigger World Cup Final than India vs Sri Lanka.

Well yes there could have if it was Pakistan vs India, but with the presence of Sachin Tendulkar and Muttiah Muralitharan, it makes it a Grand Final.

I watched Sachin make his debut 22 years ago when he toured Pakistan and faced a bowling attack comprising of Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, and Aqib Javed. He lasted only 2 balls and lost his wicket to Waqar Younis.

For the next 22 years, however, he tormented bowlers the world over, notching up century after century.

He now stands on 99 international centuries - 48 in ODIs and 51 in tests. The stage is set for him to bring up his 100th international 100 in a World Cup Final.

The last time Sachin was there, he didn't last too long as McGrath got the better of him.

That was Johannesburg, but tomorrow it will be in his home town - Mumbai!

The stage could not have been better set for the greatest batsman ever to play the game.

A World Cup victory is really the only thing missing from Sachin's overflowing list of achievements. It is the one thing that has remained elusive throughout his 22 year career and something he so dearly wants to achieve.

It is time for India to return all the favours he has done them for the last 22 years!

Sri Lanka will be tough to beat, but I really think that there will be no stopping India tomorrow.

Considering that Muralitharan already has a World Cup victory under his belt, its only fair that Sachin ends up on the winning side tomorrow.

And then at least we will also be able to say that even Pakistan had a hand in helping Sachin Tendulkar fulfil his dream, as it probably would not have happened had he been caught on 27.

For me, its not about India or Sri Lanka tomorrow... to hell with the saying that "its a team game" ..

Tomorrow is all about Sachin Tendulkar, his 100 international centuries, and his first ever World Cup title.

*Only Murali has announced his retirement, but I guess Sachin will as well from the ODI game once India wins the Final.

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  1. Abdullah said...

    Two legends mentioned in this post Q. Nice one.

    Here is my take on it:-

  2. Adeel said...

    After the Pak-India match I had remarked on one of your FB status and urged India to win the cup for Sachin and that was my only reason why i would've preferred India over Sri Lanka for the final tomorrow BUT things changed over the past two days and my apologies to Sachin though as much as i'd like to see you hold the trophy in your hand i dont want India the nation winning the cup.

    we've all heard of sore losers but after the semi-final i came accross a very different breed, sore winners!! its one thing to celebrate your win but an altogether different thing to gloat about it and rub it in our faces. we were graceful losers and accepted that the better team won. Just did not get the same reciprocation from the other side.

    Sorry for the rant Q, i just had to get it out of my system!

  3. Anonymous said...

    i seriously doubt sachin will retire. he probably has a couple of more years to improve his records.

  4. ZQ said...

    'And then at least we will also be able to say that even Pakistan had a hand in helping Sachin Tendulkar fulfil his dream' - Several Hands!

    @Adeel: Very very true for many of the Indians but in all fairness there were quite a few that were gracious in victory.

  5. Anonymous said...

    What went wrong with Pakistan ,No fielding, intensally droping of catches is it a luck or what . What message Akmal got from Dressing Room why he has to change Gloves?
    After all that lost by 29 runs ? Why not 128 ? Think???
    First catch drop at 23 runs of Tundukar take 23 out of 85 ?
    Total of 6 catches ?
    This is saeed khan

  6. Anonymous said...

    IPL will win tomarrow , not the team Sari Link premear is also coming same like Pakistani premear ?

  7. Unknown said...

    This was an absolutely amazing match to watch and I'm glad to see India defeat Sri Lanka despite all the valid predictions to the contrary. It's been a stunning CWC tournament and for me Dhoni's captaincy was certainly one of the highlights of the cricket world cup for me :)

    My only regret is that Sachin didn't get to complete his 100 centuries milestone in the match today but what fun it was to watch!! But as you say (and indeed the team said!), this world cup was for him - after 6 appearances, he deserved to win it at least once!


  8. Anonymous said...

    I think so as well, he will not retire soon.
    Here is what I think why:

  9. Anonymous said...

    Adeel, as an Indian fan, allow me to say sorry for any jingoistic gloating that you may have been subjected to by some of my compatriots. Unfortunately, sometimes there are far too many idiots and unsporting people around the world.

    I thought Afridi's team brought a lot of flair and excitement to this WC. And Afridi the leader was quite impressive and very gracious till the end.

    I believe all the big 3 Asian teams are on an upward curve, and there are some good days ahead for all subcontinental fans.


  10. Unknown said...

    MUM 65/1 (9.0 Ovs)
    Sachin Tendulkar* 39 (31)
    Ambati Rayudu 1 (2)

  11. Dreams Creative PH said...

    sachin has gone a long way, whether he retires or not it doesn't matter

  12. Ray Dodd said...

    I agree everything the author has written, well almost. For Tendulkar the stage was set for an incredible finale to his career.
    But Don Bradmans career average of somewhere around 99 sets him as the worlds greatest batsman

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