Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sri Lanka vs West Indies World T20 Final: Difficult to Pick Sides

It is going to be a cracking World Twenty20 final between the West Indies and Sri Lanka tomorrow and I am having a tough time deciding on who to support.

Both teams are the eternal dark horses and both teams are typically those that are named by fans when asked "who are you supporting besides your home team?".

And both teams deserve to win this final!

For Sri Lanka, it is going to be their 4th World Cup Final since 2007. A 4th final in 5 years is a huge achievement, but the fact that they have not been able to win any of these finals is a fact that has been haunting the Sri Lankans for a long time. About time they win one!

For the West Indies, it is going to be their 1st World Cup Final since 1983, making it 29 long years since they made it to one. And it has been 33 years since they won one! About time they win one!

So who the hell do you support?

Its a tough one.

Even calling it is a tough one.

The Windies batsmen have been in devastating form. Led by Chris Gayle, all of them - Charles, Samuels, Bravo, Pollard - have come to the party. Gangnam Style!

Gayle has failed only once in this World T20 and it was against Sri Lanka in their Super 8 game. Sri Lanka easily won that game, but it doesn't look like the Windies will surrender that easily come tomorrow.

The Sri Lankans have been the most consistent side in this tournament and it will definitely be difficult to topple them.

With Sri Lanka's dangerous bowling attack and the West Indies' menacing batsmen it is going to be an intense battle between bat and ball.

Fine, all that is cricket, and both the teams may or may not be evenly balanced, but who the hell do you support?

I want to see the Windies win so Gayle & Co. can break into a Gangnam style celebration.

But I don't want to see a million Sri Lankan heartbreaks.

I want to see the Windies rejoice at winning a World Cup title after over three decades.

But I don't want to see Sri Lanka to lose a 4th successive final.

I want to see the Windies paint Colombo red tomorrow night.

But I don't want to see Sri Lanka lose in front of their home crowd.

I don't think I have ever been so divided in support.

I hope both teams give us a cracking final! May the best team win.

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