Thursday, January 3, 2013

Junaid Khan - Wrecker-in-Chief

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Hero worship

    India lives and thrives on hero worship culture. We need our God and Goddesses to fire their cylinders hard all the time if the common man is to find his way through in everyday life. Hence there is constant need to create Gods in this land so that we can look up to them and function in ways that best suits us. It is no surprise that we thus create our own role models and give them names and bestow them with larger than life attributes, All done so for use to remain charged and purposeful.
    India’s cricketing world is no exception to this deep psychosis of hero worship in order for the other stars to shine bright in the sky. Our cricketing Sun God has to remain ablaze if other stars are to shine in our cricketing world’s night sky. Now that India has suffered another humiliating series defeat to rivals Pakistan ,Cricket pundits are pointing out their finger to every possible short coming for it. For sure, if the result had gone the other way around with India leading the series 2-0 then the same so called pundits wouldn’t have left any words in their cropped vocabulary to praise our men in blue.
    India lost to Pakistan not because Pakistan is a superior team but because team India rides on inferior psychosis since team lack that one knight in shining armour. Team India needs someone in the team they can call their God. One that could be only stone or metal built but has hidden powers to bless the team on the fields of grass. Unless there is another hero installed in the heart of the Indian dressing room the run getters and the run chasers of the ‘Team India’ is going to find no inspiration to win.
    Let’s face it. We are adept in hero worship. Let’s create one more blameless God in the cricketing pitch so that we can find our winning formula again. Let’s create one more Tendulkarism , and this one can do even without vital stat of centuries held. I hope next God is just as surreal and believable. Or wait a minute we need one so bad we believe in him anyways.

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