Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Former Cricketers Prove that there is Life after the Game

For some cricket players, retirement is a time of uncertainty as many have spent their entire lives playing the game they love.  However, there is indeed life after the game of cricket as many players have proven.

Whether you love him or you hate him, Shane Warne is undoubtedly one of the most talented cricketers in the history of the game.  There are few players that you can rank above him in regards to bowling.  It is hard to really consider Warne a "former" cricketer as he is only retired from International competition, but it appears he is already working on his plan for life after cricket.  The superstar bowler appears to have aspirations towards being a poker pro.  Shane is currently sponsored by 888 poker and serves and an ambassador for the site in live and online poker tournaments.  Now we can see if he can pitch cards as well as he bowls.

Jack Russell was never exactly known as a team player during his time at Gloucestershire despite the fact that he was an outstanding wicket-keeper.  His tendency to be a loner and live a very private life went hand-in-hand with his other passion, that of art.  After retiring from the game he went on to open Chipping Sodbury, a gallery where he puts his passion for art on display.  In a surprise move for the famously private man, Russell took a job as a goalkeeper coach for the Forest Green Rovers football squad and even returned to Gloucestershire in 2008 to help the mentor young players.  Perhaps retirement has allowed him to open up to people now that he isn't in the public eye 24-7.

Surrey and England fans definitely remember all-rounder Adam Hollioake as he helped Surrey to three County Championships and helped England to the Sharjah Cup in 1997.  After retiring from cricket in 2004, Hollioake went on to do some media work and even founded the Ben Hollioake fund to raise money for hospice care for kids.  Adam also went on to run a property business in Australia but unfortunately the business was not successful and a lawsuit from a fellow owner left Hollioake bankrupt in 2010.  Adam would continue to fight on, quite literally as he tried his hand at Mixed Martial Arts.  So far he has fought one professional fight where he fought to a draw.  Known Hollioake's competitive nature, he will continue to keep fighting and we will be hearing great things from him soon.

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