Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is Salman Butt for Real?

Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif, two cricketers who will never step on to the cricket field in Pakistan colors ever again, are in Switzerland for hearings of their appeals filed against their bans from cricket.

Sometimes I really wonder what world these two are living in. Do they actually think they have a chance to play cricket with dignity again?

Not only are they fighting their case, they, or at least one of them (Salman Butt) is also giving public statements about playing again.


"It may be easy for some people to say that a five-year ban from cricket is all right but what they don't realize is that for a sportsman like me - this is like a lifetime ban" 

No shit sherlock!

Did Salman Butt really not understand the point of a 10 year ban (5 of which are suspended)? The point was to keep him away from cricket forever.

And please, you are no sportsman. You are a bloody disgrace!

"Cricket is my life and every single day that has passed has been so painful because I have not been able to play. All I want is an opportunity to get back into cricket whilst I am still young and I can still play well." 

Oh so you can fix a few more games and corrupt a few more promising players? No thank you! Please stay the hell away from Pakistan cricket.

You should feel lucky that some people even allow you to comment on the game on TV. And luckier that some people even take time out to listen to your utter bullshit.

Hell I'm taking time out to write about you. 

What a waste seriously.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Butt and Asif have no excuse, they were both grown men who knew full well what they were doing. Amir, though, I have a lot of sympathy for. The boy went to a correctional facility for what he did, and cricket should seriously consider allowing him to come back now that he has had a few years out. He was obviously naive and pressed into acting on behalf of other people, and as such should be given a second chance.

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