Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ijaz Butt needs some Communications Skills

Ijaz Butt's term as PCB chairman will probably be remembered as the worst phase of cricket in Pakistan ever.

I don't know of any other Chairman, under whom the cricket team, went through so many scandals. Nor do I know any other Chairman who gave out so many absurd statements to the media.

And he didn't stop after his term ended.

Ijaz Butt continues to entertain the media and us with such silly statements. His latest is about the rift between Misbah Ul Haq and Mohammad Hafeez. Ijaz Butt has claimed that the coach Dav Whatmore and Pakistan's T20 skipper Hafeez have formed a nexus and are bullying Misbah.

What nonsense seriously.

Firstly, Misbah has continuously denied reports of a rift between himself and Hafeez. He denied it from South Africa, he denied it when he landed in Pakistan, and he denied it in the joint press conference that he had with Hafeez yesterday.

Secondly, Ijaz Butt, as always makes no sense.

“Both Whatmore and Hafeez support and back each other since the latter was named T20 captain and that has put great pressure on Misbah, affecting his performance”

How has Misbah's performance been affected exactly?

Someone pls tell Butt sahab that Misbah was the leading run scorer in the recently concluded ODI series against South Africa. He not only topped the runs charts, he topped the averages, and also played a match winning knock in the 4th ODI of the series.

“Misbah by winning the title of the best batsman in the Super Eight T20 stage has proved his talent as a fine T20 player and I feel that injustice was done to him when he was replaced by Hafeez as captain. Misbah-ul-Haq should again be made captain of the T20 team in place of Hafeez

Right then.

Sure Misbah was the best batsman on show in the just concluded Super 8 T20 Cup, but when asked repeatedly by reporters about making a comeback to the T20 side Misbah said that he has no intentions to play T20 cricket for Pakistan at all.

So when he himself does not want to play T20 cricket for Pakistan, who are you Butt sahab to demand that he be made captain of the team.

Someone please also tell Butt sahab the fine bowling talent that was on show during the FB Super 8 T20 against whome Misbah plundered all those runs.

"If a change in T20 captaincy was imperative, all-rounder Shoaib Malik could be a better choice for the post"

Thank the lord that Butt sahab is not the Chairman any more. What has Shoaib Malik really done in recent times to deserve the captaincy of Pakistan's T20 team?

Does Butt sahab not remember the disaster that Pakistan's team was when Malik was made captain?

“They should have assessed Younis’ performance in the ongoing One-day Cup before making a decision against him,” 

And what about all those continuous failures at the international level?

Does failing regularly in ODIs and coming back to domestic cricket and scoring heavily mean that you don't deserve to be dropped?

Has Butt sahab ever thought of the idea that someone might be really good against average bowling in domestic cricket but not good enough for the world stage?

You are a joke Butt sahab.

I reckon he is in need of a communications manager. He needed one when he was heading the PCB and he definitely needs one now. In fact I think he should hire a full fledged communications agency. They will make his life a lot better, ensure that he makes only wise statements in front of the media, and also make sure that he is well versed regarding the topic he is going to talk about. Not only that but they will also enhance his own image.

Do it Butt sahab. Do it!

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  1. Fark said...

    Good lord! The chap's a PR nightmare.
    My suggestion: Just send him across to India. We'll have him do commentary in the IPL where he can repeat the statements like a parrot, which is pretty much what everyone else does, and earn some cash out of it all.

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