Friday, April 19, 2013

The IPL is a Better's Haven

30 Billion Dollars.

That is the estimated amount according to some people that goes around in bets placed on matches in the IPL.

30 Billion.

And then it makes one wonder why India doesn't legalize betting.

The other day I wrote about how IPL matches create so much excitement. There are a number of nerve wrecking moments in every single IPL match that one can't help but follow with intent.

Ever imagined what it would be like a for someone betting on the game?

With no money riding on the outcome, I am at most times nervous. The heart starts beating faster, at times you bite your nails, at others your legs shiver... it all adds on to the anticipation of how the climax is going to roll.

All this with no money involved and no real affiliation with any team.

Think about what a betting person goes through if this is what a typical fan experiences during an IPL match.

The stress of watching the game LIVE on TV or at the stadium is surely compounded multiple times with following live betting on a website and / or constant phone calls / messages to bookies.

With 70 odd games played each year in the IPL, I reckon that at least 50 of them are crackers decided in the final over.

20 out of those are probably decided off the final delivery of the match.

Half of the results are not what majority of the public anticipated for most part of the match.

With so much volatility, it naturally becomes a large playing ground for bookmakers. And for betters as well.

No other cricket league or cricket tournament provides the same level of volatility.

The ICC World Twenty20 to some extent but that tournament is too short for betting amounts to rise to the level they are at in the IPL.

A Pakistan vs India match definitely generates the same, if not more, level of interest among betters and bookmakers but with the recent frequency of one Pakistan vs India match a year, it doesn't offer the same kind of prospects that the IPL does to the betting community.

Due to the length of the IPL, which runs into 6 weeks, it also provides betters and bookmakers ample opportunity to cover their losses over the course of the tournament.

What more can a better ask for.

If you only bet on results you have a 50% chance of winning money in every match. For the course of the 76 matches in the IPL you have a 50% chance of winning.

You definitely can't win money or lose money in every single match, and high chances are that your winnings and losses balance out over 76 matches.

So what's the point if you end up with a net zero balance?

Its nothing but the thrill!

Bet on a cricket match and see how it changes your viewing experience.

The IPL is doesn't only provide exciting cricket entertainment, high intensity cricket matches, a big party for the cricketers and administrators involved, packed stadiums, and huge pay cheques, but it also provides the ultimate betting haven for those that enjoy betting on sports.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I am getting a little off track here, but I have a serious question about spot fixing and how the media covers up india's name. If the media continues to coverup indian spot fixers, they will continue to florish and such incidents would continue to happen.

    Someone left this comment on my blog and I though of getting your comments on it duckingbeamers.

    When indian spot fixers get caught, India's image does not get spoilt. News reports are always focused on individuals. Like the recent event, most reports say IPL players caught in spot fixing (not Indian players). When pakistani umpire is just being questioned, reports say that Pakistani Umpire pulled out of Champions trophy (not IPL Umpire).

    In another article on bbc website, where they have given the history of spot fixing, it starts from Hansie Cronje and goes on to Asif, Amir and Butt and everyone else in between but forgets to mention Azharuddin and Ajay Jadeja.

    I have written two articles that discuss two such incidents. I would like your honest opinion about it. Does the media protect india's interest in all spot fixing/match fixing scandals or is it just my misconception.

    Hoping for a true and honest opinion.

  2. Unknown said...

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