Saturday, June 1, 2013

Have you been to Cricout yet?

Cricout is the newest social network in town!

It is not any other social network. It is one that is dedicated to cricket fans.

For me personally, it is the best thing to happen in the online world as it provides me with my favorite 3 websites - Cricinfo, Facebook, and Twitter - all under one platform.

I can follow live ball-by-ball commentary on Cricout and I can discuss the match right there within the commentary with my friends and followers.

No longer do I need to sift through different tabs to follow a match and then post about it.

Moreover, Cricout even allows me to share my posts on other social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

The best part is that my post can be as long as I want it to be and it will share part of it on Twitter and provide a link for the rest. No more limits for 140 characters.

Cricout is all this and much more.

Watch this video to see what it is all about and pay a visit to

Don't wait any longer - join Cricout and follow the upcoming Champions Trophy under this new online experience.

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