Monday, August 26, 2013

The Good, The Bad & The Cricket

Match fixing is a dirty word. Since the biggest scandal to rock international cricket back in 2000 with Hansie Cronje making all the headlines, match fixing has continued to dog a sport known for its gentlemanly demeanor. It’s a term that comes up time and time again and one can be assured that when a team is fairing really bad, odds are there are a few fans mumbling the words “match fixing” under their breath.

Just recently match fixing once again fell under the spotlight when Pakistan went up against the West Indies in July. The Pakistan team was accused of match fixing in St Lucia when in the third match, the West Indies were chasing 230. It doesn’t help they scored just one run from 18 balls. Matters of this nature are bound to raise questions.

More recently the 2013 Bangladesh Premier League came under scrutiny when the ICC (International Cricket Council) charged 9 cricketers for their involvement in match fixing. Of the 9, 7 were charged for fixing while the other 2 were suspended for the knowledge of the matter.

Although only officially brought to light in 2000, match fixing has been around for years and through its dramatic exposure (Hansiegate) has not only tarnished the good name of cricket but has also made it quite clear that the sport has a very seedy underbelly. The murder of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer back in 2007 has only added fuel to that fire. According to various books published on match fixing, and more specifically ‘Caught Out’, written in 2007 by Laurie A Claase, an investigative journalist and cricket enthusiast, match fixing has an annual turnover of $1 billion.

The general public and fans alike struggle with the idea of match fixing. Many refuse to believe that their cricket idols could become fallen ones. Many also don’t understand why something like match fixing, which is an incredibly questionable betting scheme could do as much if not more business than a reputable and legal casino site like that provides punters with a range of mobile casino games to choose from along with a regulated casino environment that assures players of fair play.

The cat is out of the bag and it is safe to assume that the clean image that cricket once held will always be weighed down by match fixing. On the plus side the cricketing governing boards have implemented stringent measures to counter this scourge of the game and the recent indictments in the Bangladesh Premier League is a testimony to their commitment to keep the game clean.

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