Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Marked for life by Javed Miandad

28 years ago, a stroke from Javed Miandad's bat sailed over the mid wicket boundary and changed Pakistan cricket forever and scarred an entire generation of Indians.

Shahid Afridi repeated the same heroics last week when he clubbed two sixes in the final over to give Pakistan a 1 wicket win over India in the Asia Cup clash.

The similarities between the two matches are so many, and even quite unbelievable. From India's score to the number of 50s their batsmen scored, the number of run outs in Pakistan's innings, the number of sixes the Indian opener hit, the number of wickets taken by the bowler who got hit for the sixes, and the margin of victory are all the same. And these are still a few of them.

For 28 years, Pakistanis have probably thought about when they will be able to live through such a moment again. Or whether something like that resounding last ball six will happen again.

Forget the moment, we all got to relive the entire match again!

Despite all these similarities between the two Pakistan vs India clashes, one stark difference stands out.

The Pakistani man, only a 6 year old boy in 1986, who was marked for life by Javed Miandad's six.

Meet Kamran Haider.

Kamran was in the stands playing on the high stairs, doing what a 6 year old does at cricket stadiums on that fateful day in April 1986.

As Chetan Sharma's full toss was clubbed over midwicket and the entire Sharjah stadium erupted in joy, Kamran was surrounded in blood. The historic shot off Miandad's bat struck this 6 year old boy in the stands and just like Chetan Sharma, he did not know what hit him.

As Pakistanis in the stadium and the world over celebrated the biggest moment (at the time) in Pakistan's cricket history, Kamran's parents were rushing to find a medic.

Kamran was treated by the Pakistan team physio in the Pakistan dressing room, while the rest of the team celebrated the historic win. He even enjoyed a moment in Imran Khan's lap.

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Here's the story from Kamran.

1. How does it feel to be the only Pakistani to be "scarred" by Javed Miandad's six?

I feel being stamped in the head with an authentic Pakistani approved stamp. I love my scar! 

2. Did you feel history repeated itself when Shahid Afridi smashed Ashwin for two sixes to win the match for Pakistan?

Yes, after Miandad every Pakistani has this hope of waiting for the very last ball to wait and see if we can win. While others start leaving the stadiums, we sit back and hope someone pulls a Miandad on the last ball...

3. Did you attend more matches in Sharjah stadium after that?

Yes, many. Sharjah has always been lucky for Pakistan. I have experienced some amazing moments and frankly I miss it!

4. Did you ever meet Javed Miandad after that day?

I saw him a few times at airports, in restaurants but never had the opportunity to go up to him and tell him that I am a big fan or what had happened to me. But, I always felt I have the best autograph. I carry it everywhere and it never fades!

5. Do you remember anything that was said to you while you were in the dressing room?

All I remember is people standing up for the last ball, screams everywhere and a sudden thug, a little whistle and then a fade out.

I woke up in my father's arm with blood everywhere. I remember people screaming in Urdu "move, move, here, here" and then I remember being in a room where people were extremely excited. Dad says I was taken in to the Pakistani dressing room and the stitches were done by the Pakistani team physio. Not just that, at one point Imran Khan came to ask what was going on. I think he meant, while all Pakistanis are jumping, laughing and enjoying, why is this little Pakistani boy crying?

6. How does it feel today to think that you were with the Pakistan team in the dressing room after that historic win?

People who know me, know that I am very patriotic towards Pakistan and it isn't limited to cricket. Its about everything!

You assign anything positive to Pakistan and I will love it and make sure of spreading the word. I believe anything than can bring a positive change in the state of Pakistan and my people is worth cherishing it. This scar I hold is very dear to me, it is a trophy and I will take it to my grave as a proud Pakistani!

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  1. Unknown said...

    Wow what a story! We certainly didnt know what happened that day while we were jumping for joy after that six!! Glad to know he is well and an ardent cricket fan!

  2. karachikhatmal said...

    This is an absolutely superb story! What a fabulous layer of history to add to the most dramatic match ever.

  3. Cricket badger said...

    As an aside, Javed Miandad is still hero worshipped by a generation of welsh cricket fans who grew up with Glamorgan at their nadir. Javed was just about the only redeeming feature of the 1980s ( my childhood) Glamorgan cricket. What a player!

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