Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why Glenn Maxwell is the Big Show

"I don't think he is worried about his game; he's more worried about golf and practices more golf than cricket"

That is what Virender Sehwag said about Glenn Maxwell, his Kings XI Punjab teammate who has lit up this year's IPL.

You wouldn't think that is someone who has knocked scored of 95, 89, 95, 15, 6, 45, 90, and 22 in his 8 innings at the IPL.

Maxwell's tally of 460 runs is the highest in the IPL so far, and it is over a 100 runs of the next best tally.

He has smashed 29 sixes in those 8 innings, which means that almost 40% of his runs have come in hits over the boundaries.

Add to that the 43 fours he has hit and you get a whopping 346 runs in 8 innings from 4s and 6s - 75% of his total runs!

The record for most runs scored in an IPL season is 733 - Chris Gayle in 2012 and Mike Hussey in 2013. With another 6-8 games left for Maxwell coupled with his current form, that tally seems like a cakewalk for the Big Show.

600 runs or more have been scored only 7 times in an IPL season, and Chris Gayle has managed it thrice! The other 4 times it has been managed by Hussey, Kohli, Tendulkar, and Shaun Marsh.

Glenn Maxwell is well on his way there and he could become the first batsman to score 800 runs in an IPL season.

His impact on this year's IPL has been so significant - Kings XI Punjab have lost only 1 game and find themselves firmly placed at the top of the table.

Maxwell's batting seems so effortless. He clears the boundaries with ease, hits deliveries from outside off over the midwicket fence with minimum effort, and races away with the game every time he bats.

He has been completely unstoppable, as have been the Kings XI who are surely the favorites to win the IPL for the first time this year. Betting guides, such as will tell you that the odds are totally in favor of the Kings XI.

If Maxwell continues to hit them the way he has been, there is going to be no stopping the Kings XI.

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