Saturday, February 21, 2015

ICC World Cup 2015: All Pakistanis, just wait for March!

The worst ever start to an innings in the history of ODI cricket. 1-4.

The largest defeat to the West Indies in the history of ODI cricket between the two teams. 150 Runs.

The largest defeat to any team in a World Cup match in the history of the ODI World Cup. 150 Runs.

Pakistan's worst ever ODI team has hit the bottom of the pit!

There is absolutely no lower they can go than this. Unless ofcourse they lose to UAE, Zimbabwe, and Ireland as well.

But that is not going to happen.

No way sir.

This is Pakistan we are talking about. This is the team that never starts well on foreign tours. This is the team that always takes time to settle into their best XI. This is the team that after hitting the lowest of lows picks itself up and turns into world beaters overnight.

After all, it is the same team that beat South Africa in an ODI series in South Africa for the first ever time in Pakistan's history. Barely a year ago!

So believe you me that this is what is going to happen from hereon...

1. Younis Khan will be dropped and his ODI career will end with a Golden Duck.
2. Nasir Jamshed will also be dropped and we will continue to enjoy his tweets.
3. Sarfraz Ahmed and Yasir Shah will be brought in.
4. Pakistan will beat Zimbabwe in a close encounter on 1st March.
5. They will then steamroll over the UAE on 4th March.
6. Against South Africa on 7th March, they will look like a complete professional unit and will win the game giving their confidence a tremendous boost.
7. They will beat Ireland and qualify for the Quarterfinals on 15th March.
8. They will beat whoever they face in the Quarterfinals. Pakistan will look full off purpose and no one would remember what happened against India and West Indies a month ago.


The rest you can finish.

Its no Bollywood story, it is Pakistan cricket. They have done it before and they can do it again. Sorry, they will do it again.

And no, not because they did it in 1992. When everyone was singing praises of #letsredo92 and talking about similarities with 1992, I was the only one who was trying to get people out of their warped timezones.

But I don't understand one thing. When every single fan of Pakistan asked for a repeat of 1992, why are they upset now when that is exactly what they are getting?

It is not 1992. It is 2015. It is the year you will see a major turnaround come March.

Wait for it!

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