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What Batters and Bowlers need in Cricket Shoes

Players who bat at the top of the order and opening bowlers are completely different in how they play the game and it will be no surprise that they both need totally different attributes when it comes to choosing their footwear.

Upper Section

This covers the top section of the actual footwear. It is key this section is flexible when moving your foot at any angle while playing.

If you are a Bowler you would need to have a pair of shoes with a strong upper so when your front foot came down to deliver the ball there would be next to no movement. It is also key to make sure the big toe is heavily protected when running in on rock hard tracks. Adidas released the AdiPower Vector Mid Bowling Shoe for 2015 which has been hugely popular due to its innovative soft toe area.

However, a Batsman would require something slightly lighter when it came to boots so they can move around the crease easier but still enough protection against balls flying in towards the toes.

Outer Sole Section

The underside of the cricket shoe, vital for the ultimate support and grip while playing.

Grip is vital for the Bowler to reduce the risk of the shoes slipping when running into the crease.

It is also key for Batsman who want to turn that single into a two for the ultimate grip when turning and general stability. Adidas and Asics have a tremendous reputation when it comes to an Outer Sole.


No matter what role you play in the team you need to be secure at all times. The heel needs to be kept firmly in place at all times but also be extremely comfortable causing no exasperation.

This is key for all Bowlers who need to have complete faith in their heel when they run in to bowl with their boots on so they know the foot will be secure at all times allowing 100% concentration on the job at hand.

Batsman always like a really nice tight fit with no room for frustrating itchiness or less than comfortable periods at the crease. Adidas SL22 Full Spike II Cricket Shoes have a specialist Compression-Moulded EVA for ultra-lightweight feel and comfort with extremely good cushioning.

Naturally everyone knows that Cricket is not a quick sport, even a T20 game can last 4-5 hours. You need to be very comfortable if you are batting for a long stint or fielding all day long.

Bowlers need to be extremely comfortable all day whether it be while bowling an over or fielding on hot humid days.

Batsman must have comfortable footwear also and a nice rugged midsole helps to rack up quick runs being rapid between the wickets.

adiPRENE® from Adidas offers fantastic support to rebound any hard shocks which the shoes will naturally take while being used, this will help aid joints and soft tissue by reducing stress on the body.

If you would like to look at a fantastic choice of footwear then please go to: Adidas Cricket Shoes and choose from the best boots on the market for the 2015 season.

Which Shoes to Select

Adidas AdiPower Vector Mid Bowling Cricket Shoes: A fantastic bowling shoe used by Lancashire and England Fast Bowler James Anderson. Incorporating a soft toe area to offer amazing protection when hitting the crease hard. Fantastically lightweight footwear with the excellent use of the TPU Outsole. Extra soft cushioning for all day long comfort while bowling or fielding.

Adidas SL22 Full Spike II Cricket Shoes: Designed in conjunction with masters of the game like Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell and Sachin Tendulkar. A fantastic all round batting shoe with a Mesh Upper for superb breathability. adiWEAR Outsole for fast stopping and traction. Outsole Spoiler for enhanced grip. 

All Rounder:

Adidas AdiPower Vector Cricket Shoes: A fantastic footwear choice designed and developed also by England’s James Anderson. With adiPRENE to reduce the risk of injuries. Synthetic Outer Material and Spikes included. TPU Injected Torsion Bar to maintain the shape of the foot and therefore reduce the risk of any injuries while playing.

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