Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ICC World Cup 2015: 15 interesting facts about the 8 Quarterfinalists #15for2015

While the Quarterfinal between South Africa and Sri Lanka will be a battle between the batsmen, the Quarterfinal between Australia and Pakistan will be a battle between the pace attacks. India will be taking on first time ever Quarterfinalists, Bangladesh, while favourites New Zealand are anxiously awaiting the unpredictable yet potentially explosive West Indies.

As we come to the business end of the World Cup, here is a look at some interesting facts about the teams and players that will be taking on each other in a bid to proceed to the semi finals.

1. Sri Lanka have won both their Quarterfinals. Both times they beat England, in 1996 and in 2011.

2. South Africa have never won a knock out game in a World Cup. They have lost both of their Quarterfinals. In 1996 they were ousted by the West Indies, and in 2011 they were ousted by New Zealand.

3. Sri Lanka's batsmen have cracked 8 centuries in this World Cup, while South Africa's have cracked 5. Their collective 13 centuries are more than a third of the total centuries knocked in this World Cup.

4. Sri Lanka' and South Africa's combined 13 centuries are 1 less than the combined centuries scored by the batsmen from the other 6 Quarterfinalists.

5. Both South Africa and Sri Lanka have scored over 300 four times during this World Cup.

6. This is the first time Bangladesh have qualified for the knock out stage in a World Cup.

7. India is one of the only two teams that have won both their Quarterfinals. In 1996 they beat Pakistan and in 2011 they beat Australia.

8. Both India and Bangladesh have in their ranks a batsman who has scored two centuries in this World Cup.

9. Pakistan and Australia, both have a 1-1 record in Quarterfinals. Pakistan lost theirs in 1996, while Australia lost theirs in 2011. Interestingly, both teams lost to India.

10. Australia's pacers have picked up 42 wickets collectively in this World Cup, while Pakistan's has picked up 41. These 83 wickets are 30% of the total wickets picked up by pacers from the other 6 quarterfinalists.

11. Both Australia and Pakistan have relied on 3 left arm quicks each.

12. Pakistan has successfully defended two of the lowest totals in this World Cup - 231 vs South Africa and 235 vs Zimbabwe. While Australia almost defended 151 against New Zealand; they lost by just 1 wicket.

13. Pakistan and Australia have coaches who were part of their World Cup campaigns in 1999 when the two sides met in the final. Darren Lehmann hit the winning runs, while Waqar Younis looked on from the sidelines.

14. New Zealand and West Indies also have a 1-1 record in Quarterfinals. New Zealand lost theirs in 1996, and West Indies lost theirs in 2011. Interestingly it was Australia and Pakistan that beat them in those Quarterfinals respectively.

15. Chris Gayle has smashed the highest score in this World Cup - 215. While Tim Southee has picked up the best match haul in this World Cup - 7-33.  

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    It such a shame that the nation that gave birth to the great game and is passing on this heritage to the coming generations for centuries couldn’t find a place in top eight and struggling hard to find good players. To cap it all, teams like Bangladesh and Ireland – who started playing cricket recently, are performing better than the pioneers of the game.
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