Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ashes: The Biggest Cricket Rivalry

Ashes Series is one of the world’s most popular cricket series in the world. This series is played each year between England and Australia in one of the either countries. The history of The Ashes Series goes a long way back in the nineteenth century when the English team was defeated for the very first time by any of its colony. England in those days had control of many different colonies all over the world and the English were ruling the world in most of the fields. In the field of sports cricket was considered as a game which only the English could master.

When the English team was defeated for the first time the event was taken as significant defeat of the English. On that day there was a famous headline in the English newspapers in which it was mentioned that the English cricket has died and it will be cremated and the ashes will be taken to Australia. In the next series that was taking place in Australia the English captain gave a statement in which he called that he is in Australia to recover the Ashes and take them back home. This statement made the series popular as the Ashes Series.

The Ashes series is one of the most viewed sporting events in England and Australia. People off all ages watch these matches with great interest and they watch these matches as a rivalry against the opposing team. Betting on cricket is at its peak during the ashes series and people from all over the world support their respective teams. Over the last few years betting industry has developed significantly and thanks to the internet now anyone can place a bet whenever they want. Betting is getting more and more mobile as time passes and now betting is almost available anywhere you have internet access.

The Ashes series is just a few weeks away now and almost everyone is waiting for the series to begin. This year Australia appears to be the stronger team and they are most probable to keep the Ashes with them because they have a really high morale after their World Cup victory. While England will be favorites from the betting perspective because the will be performing in an unpredictable manner which might give them some amazing victories which the fans will love. Every cricket enthusiast is talking about this year’s Ashes series and it will be an interesting series.

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