Sunday, August 16, 2015

2015 Cricket Betting Tips From Jon Price

Jon Price one of the worlds most renowned sports bettors has tipped his hat to let the minority of Cricket Bettors that he has his eye on the popular Indian sport. With over 1 million bettors vying to make money off of cricket it is hard to distinguish and to turn a big profit because certain sportsbooks limit the amount you can wager on a cricket matchup.

Some online sportsbooks based in the United Kingdom only allow wagers up to 10,000 Pounds and some whales like to wager a lot more than that to ensure their success. Some of the different options that you can wager on are the following:

Who is going to win the match. For example the Birmingham Bears playing the Essex Eagles will have different payouts based on who wins the matchup. There is also a chance to do proposition bets like Who will be the Man of the match and the top scorer also labeled at most offshore sportsbooks as the Top Batsman. We like to bet on the Top Bowler which is also known as the bowler who takes the most wickets in any given match. 

The more difficult wagers that tend to get bettors in trouble are the next batsman out and the leading wicket taker. The coin flip is similar to the proposition bets on the Super Bowl for Football as well as who will bat first and the next batsman to strike out.  

 is one of the most popular books where people place wagers at for Cricket. 

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