Friday, December 18, 2015

Cricket’s Impact on the Gaming Industry – Cricket Starts Spinning

In the eyes of a common sports fan cricket may not seem like a sport that has an impact on the society and the media in general. Although the origins of this bat and ball sport dates back few centuries ago only a rather distinctive fan base revolves around it. That being said, it didn’t manage to become a popular sport in general. Nonetheless, over the course of history cricket maintained a top-tier status as an elite sport.

Cricket has an undisputed presence in several regions like India, the UK, Australia and Pakistan. It’s still in the hearts of passionate fans and players as well. In the mentioned countries there are prominent domestic competitions. The respected cricket associations eventually agreed to form bigger competitions which spread around the globe and include all interested parties in this matter.

As the popularity grows from time to time few superstars will emerge from the player pool, currently players like Kumar Sangakkara, Martin Guptil, Steve Smith and Mitchell Starc. Due to their exceptional performance they rise and stand out from the rest. They are the heroes of the cricket community.

This strong presence of cricket manifested itself in other areas which are not even remotely related to sports in general. Cricket fans just adore this success of this sport so to speak. That is a testament that the sport gains recognition and hopefully one day it will be neck a neck with mega present sports like football and basketball.

With the advent of technology came a variety of games which are trendy among passionate electronic game players and the casual type who prefer to play on smartphones and tablets. We can’t deny the existence of games which are designed carefully to meet the needs of a targeted player group, one of which is the cricket fan base. The latest games on the market feature crispy clear graphics and software engines which mimic the gameplay on the pitch flawlessly. These games allow us to enjoy in cricket even if we are not on the pitch or in front of the TV. There’s a plethora of games which follow a theme based on cricket. We can enjoy in first person cricket games, arcade, simple smartphone cricket games and a rather distinctive type of games which can be found only at online casinos called slots.

This time around we take a look at the game called Cricket Star. Not only that cricket fans will find it amusing, but it’s also rather lucrative. Cricket Star is the perfect blend of cricket and slot games. It’s in the interest of the cricket community to say that Cricket Invades Slots, that it’s not the other way around.

Cricket Star clearly depicts the thrill and the excitement amongst the audience and the players. On the spinning reels players can see brief animations which show some of the action caught on the pitch and in the stands. It’s rich in terms of content and slots features offering a lot of paths that lead to one end destination only where profit and adrenaline can be found.

If you’re hesitant to give this type of games a shot you have nothing to worry about. There are opportunities which allow you to get a taste of the excitement. These opportunities are called bonuses and free spins. It shouldn’t be difficult finding one of these which will allow you to enjoy in game of your own interest. Who knows? Maybe you’ve been missing this all the long. In the meantime take a look at the featured game called Cricket Star. We’ll let you be the judge if it’s worthy of your attention or not. We’re 100% positive that the first will turn out to be true.

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