Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let Shahid Afridi shine, one final time!

The above table has been doing the rounds of social media since Pakistan’s T20 series loss to New Zealand. It has been shared all over Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp with the statement “Shahid Afridi is Pakistan’s worst T20 captain ever”. Ofcourse stats don’t lie and I will be the first person to support any argument with Stats, however one also needs to assess them objectively.

In the above table, Inzamam, Younis, and Misbah can be taken out of the reckoning considering that they have not captained in enough games. Shoaib Malik’s record is largely skewed considering that 7 out of his 12 wins were in matches against Bangladesh (3), Zimbabwe (1), Scotland (1), Canada (1), and Kenya (1). Mohammad Hafeez was definitely a very good captain; arguably the best T20 captain Pakistan has had. He should have continued for longer. His resignation following Pakistan’s exit from the World T20 in 2014 was one of the most selfless acts we have witnessed in Pakistan cricket.

Sure Shahid Afridi has not been as good a captain. But his figures are also not as bad as they are being made out to be. Under his captaincy, Pakistan has won as much as they have lost; alright lost a bit more but just very slightly. When compared to international captains who have captained in at least 10 T20 Internationals, Afridi’s record is better than many including Ricky Ponting, Chris Gayle, and Stuart Broad. It is also not very different from the record of AB De Villiers, George Bailey, Brendon McCullum, and the one and only MS Dhoni!

Before jumping to conclusions like “Afridi is Pakistan’s worst T20 captain”, one must also realize that T20s are very different from ODIs and Tests. While an astute captain with a strong team will win ODIs and Tests frequently, the same is not the case with T20s. The game is so short that a few deliveries change the course of the entire match. That is why one witnesses so many upsets in T20s, as compared to ODIs and Tests. The format is extremely unpredictable and over the longer term majority of the teams have Win:Loss records close to 1:1.

The same is the case with captains who have led their teams in the shortest format for a long time. Because the format has not been around for too long, there are only 21 captains among the 10 test playing nations who have led in at least 15 T20 Internationals. Many of these captains, including MS Dhoni, Bailey, McCullum, Vettori, AB De Villiers, and Afridi have a win percentage in the 47% - 53% range. There are less than a handful of captains who have led in more than 25 T20s and have win percentages significantly higher than 50% - Graeme Smith, Paul Collingwood, Mohammad Hafeez, and Darren Sammy.

This clearly indicates that over the longer term, a team and a captain, will have a win:loss ratio in the vicinity of 1:1. One can take a look at betting sites offers also and they will show similar odds at the beginning of most T20 Internationals.

Then why are so many people eager to have Afridi removed as Pakistan’s T20 captain before the World T20?

He played an instrumental role in the only World T20 that Pakistan won. He was Man of the Match in the semifinal and the final of that tournament. He also played an instrumental role in the only other World T20 that Pakistan reached the final of. He was the Player of the Tournament then. Moreover, the only other time Pakistan were close to playing another World T20 final before Hussey happened, Afridi was the captain.

He has always been a major force in T20 cricket.

He is the leading wicket taker in the world in T20 Internationals. He has one of the best economy rates among the leading wicket takers in T20s. He has won the most man of the match awards in T20s in the history of the format.

Afridi is a T20 King.

Let us also not forget that it is never wise to change the captain so close to a World Cup. Pakistan did not sack Waqar Younis before the 2003 World Cup despite Pakistan going through a continuous rut in ODIs under him. They did not sack Misbah before the 2015 World Cup even though Pakistan went through their worst ever phase in their ODI history under him.

So yes. It will be Afridi who will captain Pakistan in the World T20.

He has already announced that the World T20 will be his last international outing; having already retired from ODIs, Afridi will wave goodbye to international cricket once and for all. He has had an illustrious career spanning two decades and the World T20 is his last chance to shine.

And it is our last chance to have faith in him for one final time.

Let us believe that Afridi can do it again, for one final time. Let the man who has ruled the nation’s heartbeat for 20 years, continue to do what he does best, for one final time. Let Boom Boom resonate throughout the stadiums in India, for one final time. Let us all witness the arms raised aloft wicket celebrations, for one final time.

So don’t let all those stats about his T20 captaincy bog you down. He has led Pakistan to many memorable victories and he still has it in him to lead them to many more. One final time! 

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  1. Anonymous said...

    It is unfortunate that Pakistan lost most matches in the captaincy of Shahid Afridi. This is because our team's overall performance since 2010 is not so good in T20. Now Pakistan is launching Pakistan Super League T20. This will leave good effects on Pakistan Cricket as India's cricket improved after IPL. Just after PSL we have world T20. Lets see how they perform in WorldT20. That will be final destination for Shahid Afridi in International cricket

  2. Unknown said...

    waoo great information.. i think Karachi kings is the most favorite team in psl matches.

    PSL Schedule 2016 in which i think soo lahore Qalander and karachi kings produce lot of rumor in Pakistan audience about PSL

  3. Unknown said...

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