Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sami's no ball changed everything!

I have so many thoughts after Pakistan's loss last night to Bangladesh that I don't even know where to start.

Even though Pakistan has won the Asia Cup only twice, they did manage to reach the final of the past two tournaments in 2012, which they won, and 2014. And no one really expected them to be knocked out by Bangladesh; I guess therein lies the problem.

Pakistan were clean sweeped by Bangladesh just a year ago, so the result should not be a surprise.

But it hurts.

It really really hurts.

We could have still won it had Sami not turned up half stoned in the 19th over. Sure the batsmen had failed, 129 was never going to be enough, and Soumya Sarkar had almost taken the game away in the first 10 overs. But Pakistan had fought back well. Irfan, Aamer, and Afridi were exemplary with the ball and kept Pakistan in the hunt. Even Sami's first 3 overs were spot on and kept the runs in check.

If it was not for that no ball of the 4th delivery of the 19th over, Pakistan would have sneaked through.

Think about it.

Had Sami landed his foot behind the popping (no pun intended) line, Mashrafe Murtaza would have holed out and Bangladesh would have had to get 15 off 8 with 4 wickets left.

Instead they required 12 off 9 with 5 wickets in hand.

That one delivery lost the game for Pakistan.

Mohammad Aamer got banned for 5 years for bowling one no ball. Sami should be banned for 10!

Because if we don't Pakistan's mindless selectors will recall him again and again and again ...

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