Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pakistan is not a decade, rather only 20 odd runs, behind...

Our "legends" Javed Miandad and Wasim Akram have been harping on about how Pakistan cricket is a decade behind the rest of the world.

Really guys? You think we are so stupid that we will listen to your lame comments and believe that we suck?

Come on.

Firstly, which rest of the world are you talking about? South Africa? Sri Lanka? West Indies? Bangladesh? Australia?

It does not take a genius to look around and figure out that it is really only New Zealand that is playing exceptional T20 cricket at the moment. Every single other team has struggled at one moment or the other.

The likes of ABD, Amla, Steyn, de Kock could not take a team to the semis, and you expect that Afridi, Shehzad, Akmal, Wahab would have? Even a team comprising of Warner, Maxwell, Watson, Finch, Faulkner is on the verge of being knocked out. As is a team comprising of Kohli, Dhoni, Sharma, and Ashwin!

It was a World T20 tournament. Sure we such at ODIs too, but at least we are among the best test teams in the world, if not the best. Isn't that the real cricket everyone keeps talking about?

So please don't exaggerate and make the public believe that we are so bad that we require your useless services to get out of this rut.

We don't need you, thank you! We all know what you are capable of, or not, so please you may be legends in your own right, but PAKISTAN is NOT 10 YEARS BEHIND OTHER TEAMS.

If anything, we are about 20 odd runs behind.

We lost to New Zealand by 22 runs. We lost to Australia by 21 runs. We lost to India and had we scored another 20 odd runs the result might have been different.

So we are really only 20 odd runs behind. And that is definitely not equivalent to 10 years!

And those 20 runs can easily be brought about by replacing a couple of batsmen in the T20 line up.

One doesn't need an overhaul for that.

Make your pitch on this post...

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  1. abajwa said...

    We are simply one kohli behind india

  2. Unknown said...

    That is a good comeback by the author of this article. Pakistan as team should not be underestimated. They have a powerful bowling line up. Mohammed Amir after the ban has come back. Mohammed Sami is also performing well. The only weak point that needs improvement is batting line up. Batting is where they are lacking. They have to work very hard in the batting department. As of right now they are unable to score runs on the score board. If they make a good score then defending becomes really easy. Legends like Afridi who is now retiring should give a ray of hope to the young and budding players. Wishing them all the luck.
    Pulkit Matta.
    Sanver Sports.

  3. Unknown said...
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