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Azhar fools the public... AGAIN!!!

Besides being a huge cricket fan, I am also a big Bollywood buff. I absolutely love Bollywood and enjoy the masala entertainers dished out every Friday. Unlike cricket, Bollywood rarely disappoints me. I don't mind the protagonist walking around in a crisply ironed white shirt after a long action sequence or that the main stars break out into an impromptu dance routine, along with the rest of city, to proclaim their love for each other.

I find all this thoroughly entertaining.

When a movie like Azhar hits the screens, it is a double whammy for a person like me. Cricket and Bollywood in one! Its like having the perfect combo meal - KFC with McDonalds' fries and a biscuit from Popeye's!

Azhar's life - an arranged marriage, an affair with a Bollywood actress, a dream cricket debut, rise to the Indian captaincy, and the match fixing scandal - had it all to muster up a true blue bollywood masala entertainer.

Yet it was such a major disappointment!

My biggest problem with Azhar (the movie) is that it goes out of its way to show Azharuddin's innocence that it leaves a bad taste. A real bad taste.

In fact it attempts to fool the viewers and glorifies Azharuddin as an innocent man. One should have expected this considering Azharuddin was involved in training Emraan Hashmi and heavily involved in helping with the storyline.

Here's how Azhar fooled the public, AGAIN!

CBI and all available public reports state that Azharuddin was investigated for fixing the following three ODIs:

1. India vs South Africa, first match of the Titan Cup, 1996
2. India vs Sri Lanka, Pepsi Asia Cup, 1997
3. India vs Pakistan, Pepsi Cup, 1999

CBI also claimed that Azharuddin confessed to fixing these 3 ODIs; however Azharuddin has denied this in an interview.

The movie starts well by stating that Azharuddin is being investigated for these 3 matches.

But then, in a sour attempt to fool the public, the movie ignores these actual ODIs and uses results of different ODIs to portray Azhar's innocence.

Did Tony and Azhar actually think they would get away with shit like this!!?

India vs South Africa
In the actual match, India lost by 47 runs. Azhar scored 32 off 55 balls and was caught by Cullinan of Crookes.

The movie shows that Azhar was out LBW to a wrong decision (off the inside edge) and the crowd caused disruption because of this, with Azhar's lawyer arguing how could he have fixed the game if he was wrongly given out.

In reality, this occurred in the India vs Australia match of the Titan Cup where Azharuddin was wrongly given out LBW to Jason Gillespie and crowd disruption stopped play for 20 minutes.

Please don't miss the "Match Notes" at the end of that scorecard:

How sad and pathetic is it that the movie chooses an event that took place in an ODI between India and Australia, and makes it look like that it occurred in the India vs South Africa match that was allegedly fixed by Azhar.

I am disgusted!

India vs Sri Lanka
In the Pepsi Asia Cup in 1997, India played Sri Lanka twice: a group game that Sri Lanka won by 6 wickets and then the Final that Sri Lanka won by 8 wickets. In both games, Azhar scored 80 odd runs with the rest of India's batting failing. Another key fact of this tournament is that India's captain was Sachin Tendulkar and not Azharuddin.

The movie, however, ignores these matches and the Pepsi Asia Cup altogether and instead shows an India vs Sri Lanka ODI played in London in 1998. This fictional match was a Final of a Jubilee Cup, Azhar was captain, and Azhar single handedly won India a match they looked like losing while chasing a target of 280 odd as the bookie and the underworld Don looked on in disbelief from the stands.


Firstly, neither India nor Sri Lanka toured England in 1998. Secondly, the Jubilee Cup that was played in 1998 involved India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh; there was no Sri Lanka.

Thirdly, the match showed in the movie picks up events that took place in an India vs Sri Lanka ODI played in the Champions Trophy in Sharjah in 1998, where Sachin and Ganguly got out early and Azharuddin's 94 helped successfully chase a target of 245.

Again the movie showcases events from another ODI and attempts to mislead the public into believing that they are from the allegedly fixed ODI.

Come on, seriously!?

If it wasn't enough that Azhar screwed India in the 90s that he has come out to do it once again!

Did they think cricket fans will not be able to tell the difference between the matches?

What Bullshit.

Oh and that India vs Pakistan match was completely ignored by the way.

Can't even say that Tony Dsouza took liberties as a director and re-created ODIs considering that the events were blatantly copied from other ODIs. To top it all the ODI vs West Indies that Manoj Prabhakar allegedly fixed was shown in the movie exactly how it played out in reality!

So while one ODI is replicated to show that Prabhakar was a fixer, other matches were recreated with events from other different ODIs to show that Azharuddin was innocent.


Seems like Azharuddin ne chay banane ka thaika liya hua hai. Pehle cricket se, ab Bollywood se.

Make your pitch on this post...

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12 Pitched:

  1. Arsalan Iqtidar Khan said...

    The problem is that most of the younger generation and some of older generation who were not really into such minute details will beleive in this shit! Movie has got all the masala. Songs, Nargis fakhiri and Imran Hashmi are enough to make it a super it.

  2. Md Sayham Mia said...

    The problem is that most of the younger generation and some of older generation who were not really into such minute details will beleive in this shit! Movie has got all the masala. Songs, Nargis fakhiri and Imran Hashmi are enough to make it a super it.
    ball by ball

  3. Unknown said...

    hahahah i went on the same fact finding mission ater the movie as i did not remember any ind vs sl match in london in 1998 lol. And I figured out it was the Sharjah game and I figured out that lbw game was a different one and then i stumbled upon your blog while searching ind vs sl junilee cup final 1998 lol. Bullshit movie. And Prabharkar game is played literally the same way even the runouts were depicted to precision. unreal hahaha

  4. yogesh said...

    Azhar was a match fixer, that's it. This movie won't change peoples mindset about him.

  5. Arsh Sandhu said...

    U idiottt...dont you know..azhar did not fix the matches..he played his own wat..even CBI says they were wrong...u fools know nothing about law and cricket...Azhar is innocent!

  6. Unknown said...

    Azhar is a match fixer

  7. Unknown said...

    Tum sab madarchod ho jab court ne innocent prove kardiya .ab tum maa chudao apni

  8. Unknown said...

    You mr reviewer.. Azar was given out two times incorrectly in the series.. go back and watch the series.. one against Australia and other one against South Africa.. it doesn’t mean he is innocent.. I go with Cronje who openly accepted that Azar introduced him to bookies.. But every one does mistakes and Azar was a great cricketer and he has done lot good for India., He is punished for his mistakes..

  9. Unknown said...

    Azar was not a match-fixer. He was a great cricketer & an awesome captain. Introducing someone to another person doesn't make him a criminal. All this match-fixing scandal was started by Manoj Prabhakar & Ravi Shastri. Both of them were a part of the India team because of the buttering of BCCI officials. Even Kapil Dev later agreed that Azar could never do that and that Ravi and Manoj are no skill players.

  10. T said...

    Thanks for this. Azharuddin was a fixer and public knows it very well. Wehtehr CBI left him, whether he made a movie or whether he won election, we all know he is a match fixer.

  11. RK said...

    Tumhare jaise unpadh ka chutiya kat te hai cricketers, katwate raho apni, this is a big and finely chained system which involves cricket, politics, money, business everything, if you look minutely at it, my humble request is please be aware of such happenings don't blindly belive in the CBI report or the law commission report, as it could have been easily tampered

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