Saturday, July 16, 2016

Movement of Odds at Lord's

The first test between Pakistan and England at Lord's started with England as firm favorites; the odds said 4.25 on Pakistan and 1.75 on England.

At the end of day 1, the odds were still in favor of England despite a memorable hundred by the Pakistan captain and a decent score on the board by Pakistan; Pakistan 3.75, England 1.50.

On the second morning of the test, Pakistan lost their last 4 wickets very quickly. They lost their last 6 wickets for the addition of only 57 runs. Pakistan should have got more than 339; they were certainly poised to get further, however they have a long tail and Chris Woakes made sure that they don't even get to 350, a number Misbah had spoken about a day earlier.

At this time, the odds were still in favor of England; Pakistan 4.00, England 1.50.

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Pakistan got an early breakthrough in England's first innings, but then for the next 2 hours it was the Cook-Root show. Their partnership threatened to take the game away from Pakistan in very quick time with Pakistan's fielders further helping their cause.

They put on 110 runs in only 25 overs before Root had a brain freeze and slogged one right up in the air. The fielder this time helped his own team.

While Cook and Root were running rampant, the odds moved more in favor of England; Pakistan 4.33, England 1.33.

England firm favorites.

Root's wicket however changed the proceedings and Yasir Shah ripped through England's middle order. No other batsman managed to dominate the innings and Pakistan looked right on top at the end of the second day with England trailing by 86 runs with 3 wickets remaining.

At this stage one would think that the odds would have moved in Pakistan's favor. But that was not the case as day 2 ended with Pakistan 2.40, England 1.90.

The bookmakers really think highly of England despite seeing what Yasir Shah has done to them; and this was only the first innings. Just imagine what Yasir will do in the 4th innings in more helpful conditions.

Surely Pakistan are favorites at this stage.

Any lead in the first innings will be a bonus. All those runs that Pakistan score in the second innings will pile on the pressure on England.

I reckon a target of 300 will be well defendable by this Pakistan attack.

Yet the bookmakers are still favoring England.

Surely they must know something we dont!

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