Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What’s New on Cricket Betting Sites

In addition to football betting, cricket is definitely one of the most popular choices with punters around the globe. One of the most exciting sports in the world enjoys a huge fan base which not only follows the game, but also likes to place a bet or two to pump the adrenaline even higher.

If you are looking for a reputable and reliable cricket betting site to place your cricket wagers, some of the names in the business will pop out immediately. We are here to lead you through markets and odds you can currently find and offer some insight as to how to make the best of your betting.

Similar to football betting, new betting sites tend to highlight the most common markets for cricket as well and tipsters usually place their bets on Match Winner, Series, Total Wides, Most 6s and Most 4s.

When it comes to Match betting, it is hardly a surprise to realise that this is by far the most usual and common betting form. What you need to do is to predict the end result of the game and identify the winner or the draw. Some of the best odds for this market are listed at one of world’s biggest bookmakers – Bet365. Arguably the most reliable betting site around, Bet365 offers competitive odds on all markets, which is exactly what sets them apart from the competition.

Draw No Bet is another popular selection among cricket bettors, which can be used in combination with match betting selection. It is a great way to secure your bet and enhance the winning potential by making sure that draw result returns your stake. It is simple as that – if your match ends in a draw, you will receive your money back. It is another version of the Double Chance selection, also a popular choice among the punters worldwide, regardless of the sport.

Those who follow and love cricket are quite familiar with the fact that cricket sides tend to play three of five games in series with the biennial five-game competition called The Ashes being the most popular of all. Naturally, betting sites will offer an option to bet on the winner of the series, which makes another extremely popular choice.

It is exactly Ashes Series that you can currently find with Bet365, who offer you a chance to place a To Win Outright bet, but also to wager on Series Specials where you can back England to retain Ashes, but also to guess the Series correct score.

Outright Win on World Cup 2019 is also on offer, together with McDonald’s Super Smash – which offers To Win the match and To Win the Toss selections.

One of the main advantages with placing your bets with Bet365 is that you can get a wide selection of In-Play offers. What is more, Bet365 have recently introduced a brilliant Edit Bet option which enables punters to mend the unsettled bets by adding and removing selections from their slips and we are sure that all cricket bettors will appreciate this feature. 

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