Monday, November 19, 2018

Ways to Appreciate the Team

Training, practicing, and playing are all key components of a victorious team. However, showing your appreciation (and this goes for both teammates and captains) is also an important tool to a team’s success. By implementing a few bonus strategies to keep up everyone’s spirits and continue giving your all.

Environmental Impact
Appreciation doesn’t always have to be a verbal exchange. A pitch can evoke one’s initial spirit for the sport, but your surrounding facilities and training space should also reflect you and your team’s passion for the game. This can be as simple as upgrading some equipment that’s on its last leg, or adorning some of your gear with decals of your team’s logo or personalized names and numbers. This creates an environment of motivation and can emphasize healthy competition.

Focus In On Fun
Another way to highlight appreciation is to not forget the emphasis of fun. It may seem obvious but it’s easy to forget that the fun and enjoyment of playing and watching the sport is at the core of even the most competitive player’s motivation. Creating an atmosphere that ensures everyone’s goals are not just to win, but being engaged and working together to achieve that victory as well, can put a successful focus on both fun and appreciation. 

Don’t Focus On Failure
At the height of any practice or match, things can go awry in an instant. Sometimes plays don’t work out as planned, and having an off-day or lapse in concentration can spontaneously occur.  The trick is here to not fixate on the failures or mistakes others make that might have been out of their control. It’s normal to feel disappointed, especially if personal goals aren’t met and this can cause a huge mental blockade for some. Instead anyone’s failures can be a lesson in encouraging growth, improvement, and personal triumph.

Cause For Celebration
It is of course beneficial to encourage victory, however empty praise can sometimes be a deterrent when it comes to appreciation. Focusing on smaller victories and celebrating personal achievements can make a big impact on morale and be a confidence booster.

Always Be Empowering
The most beneficial way to show your appreciation for fellow players or captains is simply by empowering them and the team. Letting others know that your confident in their abilities, and maintaining the mindset that you’re all there to achieve a common goal.  It may be corny, but simply believing in others, and recognizing when others are around to uplift you can create a huge appreciative boost. Appreciating the team doesn’t have to be difficult, with a simple mindset and framework, any goal is an achievable one.

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