Sunday, April 7, 2019

International Cricket Test Championship mace goes to India

For the third year in a row, India retains the ICC Test Championship mace.

The cutoff date for the ICC Test rankings is April 1st each year. The top teams win prizes, with a first prize of US$ 1 million going to India as the winners.

Manu Sawhey, the ICC Chief Executive, congratulated the Indian team, and commented on the importance of Test cricket.

“I congratulate India on retaining the ICC Test Championship Mace, and appreciate the passion Virat Kohli’s team has shown across formats over the past few years,” said Sawhey.

“Test cricket has been enjoying a purple patch over the last couple of years with more positive results than ever. There is a genuine competitive balance between nations.”

Top Ranked Test Teams

The past year came with excellent Test wins for team India. There was, as expected, excellent success at home with wins against Afghanistan and the West Indies. Overseas saw a loss against England, but a win against Australia. The Australia tour saw India attain their first ever Test series win Down Under.

During the past year, India stayed at the top of the rankings throughout. In addition to this, Virat Kohli reached the level of top Test batsman.

While India was the clear winner, second place went to New Zealand, receiving a US $500,000 prize. New Zealand had a good year with their team captain Kane Williamson getting the 2018 ICC Spirit of Cricket award. Kane commented on his team’s “awesome” achievement.

The somewhat disappointed South Africa came in third. For the past two years, South Africa claimed second place, falling to third place this year. South Africa receives a US $100,000 prize. Australia reached fourth place, winning US $100,000, and coming in just ahead of England.

Virat Comments

India’s national team skipper, Virat Kohli, expressed his pride in a statement. He said: “Retaining the ICC Test Championship Mace once again is something we are all really proud of. Our team has been doing well across all formats. But it gives us extra pleasure to come out on top of the Test rankings. We all know the importance of Test cricket and of how only the best can prosper in the format.”

Kohli further noted: “Our team has a lot of depth. I am sure this will stand us in good stead once the ICC World Test Championship commences later this year. That is again something we are really looking forward to as it adds more context to Test match cricket.

World Test Cricket Championship

In 2021, the World Test Championship Final takes place. Fans should expect excitement at the culmination of 71 Test matches by nine Test nations, playing in 27 series.

ICC Test Rankings 2018 - 2019:

·         1st – India – 116 points
·         2nd – New Zealand – 108 points
·         3rd – South Africa – 105 points
·         4th – Australia – 104 points
·         5th – England – 104 points
·         6th – Sri Lanka – 93 points
·         7th – Pakistan – 88 points
·         8th – West Indies – 77 points
·         9th – Bangladesh – 68 points
·         10th – Zimbabwe – 13 points

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