Thursday, August 6, 2020

The New Fab 4!

Steve Smith, Virat Kohli, Joe Root, and Kane Williamson have been considered the Fab 4 of Test batting in modern days.

Rightly so, given their numbers.
Each one of these 4 great batsmen made their test debut between 2010 and 2012; they have played over 70 tests each, and scored more than 6,000 runs.

In the past decade, 2010-19, they were undoubtedly the best test batsmen around.

In the past 2 years however, two other batsmen have emerged who have posed a challenge to the world renowned Fab 4.

Babar Azam and Marnus Labuschagne!

Babar made his Test debut in 2016 and has played 27 tests including the current ongoing one against England.

While Labuschagne made his Test debut in 2018 and has played only 16 tests.

Both had a slow start to their test careers; but their last 12 months have been simply phenomenal!

Babar's last few test scores read: 

104 in Brisbane
97 in Adelaide
102* in Rawalpindi
60 and 100* in Karachi
143 in Rawalpindi
69 in Manchester

While Marnus has absolutely smashed it with scores of:

185 in Brisbane
162 in Adelaide
143 and 50 at Perth
63 and 19 in Melbourne
215 and 59 in Sydney

Those are quite some numbers.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these two have displaced Kane Williamson and Joe Root, whose fortunes have dwindled in recent times, from the Fab 4.

Take a look at Test batsmen with the highest averages since the start of 2018.
It is quite evident who the Fab 4 are based on performance over the past 32 months.

It is also quite clear that Babar Azam is leading the pack with the highest average during this period. Only Kohli has more test centuries than Babar in this period and no one has more test 50s.

Sure both Babar and Labuschagne have a long way to go in their careers, but the way they have been batting in recent times, there is no doubt that both will go on to become greats of the game.

For now, lets just know that there is a new Fab 4 in the cricketing world.

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  2. Kishan raj B said...

    All time best test cricket players.Always king kohli is the best player in test cricket. Because he maintans the average of 50 throughout his career. Till now he is the best player in the current indian cricket team.

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