Thursday, November 8, 2007

India vs Pakistan 2nd ODI

Match is underway. Both teams have dropped a spinner each - Kathik and Rehman. But whats interesting is that India have strengthened their batting by bringing in Sehwag, while Pakistan have strengthened their pace battery with Sohail Tanvir coming into the side.

And as I write Saurav Ganguly has been cleaned up by Shoaib Akhtar with the 3rd delivery of the match afer being hit for a boundary.

What do u people think? My bet - 1-1 at the end of today.

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  1. Q said...

    India are playing with 5 openers in their side:


    Dhoni and Pathan have also opened.

    Pakistan are also playing with many that have opened:


    A lot of openers in 1 game.

  2. Farees said...

    With the exception of the 2 wides and no-ball by shoaib, I think pakistan have bowled very well. India have only lost wicket with a combination of good luck and decent defensive technique. Its heartening to see shoaib averaging 90 miles per hour in the 5th over of his spell as well.

    We need some quick wickets as anything in excess of 260 will be extremely difficult to chase for our batsmen. The lights at the mohali stadium are not very high(as it built at very high altitude and alot of planes use the airspace as its close to an airforce base) and batsmen often have a hard time adjusting to the light there. Last match we played at mohali was in the champions trophy against south africa where batting under lights we were dismissed for 89.

  3. Q said...

    Damn that 89!! I still remember that and it was while chasing also! But i dont think 3 left armers - pathan, zaheer, and RP as are as threatening as Pollock, Ntini, and Nel..

    Sachins opening up, India now scoring over 5.5 an over after a cautious start...

    Shoaib seems fitter than ever Farees...havent seen him this determined before...hope it lasts.

  4. Unknown said...

    Indian bowlers might not be as threatning as the south africans but as seeing the pakistan batting in recent times it can collapse in front of any bowling line up on a fast and bouncy pitch!! but lets hope for the best! and dew might come into great effect under lights!

  5. Q said...

    Sachins on 88 of 81 - dont remember the last time he batted like this.

    Just a little stat:

    He's scored 41 ODI 100s out of whcih India have won in 29 matches.

    BUT against Pakistan, he's scored 5 ODI 100s out of which India have won only 1 match.

    Moving on, despite that, with the kind of total India look set to get, I take back my 1-1 prediction.

    Ur right Jawad - a bit of bounce and swing, and we fall like 9 pins...

  6. Q said...

    So much for that stat. Sachin falls for 99 - the 5th time in the 90s this year! How did Akmal do that?

  7. obaid said...

    I just woke up, and I was not giving Pakistan any chance of winning before going to sleep. Its 42 off the last 4 and looks like its going down to the wire!

    Can Misbah fill the Ul-Haq shoes?

  8. obaid said...

    wow, what a finish! great game - I will go back and check highlights after work before commeting some more

  9. Q said...

    And my prediction of 1-1 comes true :-). I wouldn't say i told u so cause id be the first to admit that i changed my mind half way through India's innings. Never gave Pakistan a their whole innings though and they were nothing short of professional and brilliant.

    Younis, Misbah, Afridi - 2 Pathans and a Faisalabadi...hehe...great stuff!

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