Thursday, November 8, 2007

Week in Cricket

What an interesting week in cricket it has been. We saw Pakistan getting demolished in the first ODI and almost saw them getting killed in the second one only to come back and take a thriller. It must be said that the batting today was the complete opposite of Pakistan's recent performance in similar situations. The openers started relatively well and both weren't back in the pavilion with the first 15 minutes of play. We say a great partnership in the middle order (though ideally we would have liked to see two players getting big scores) and finally, Afridi didn't get out while trying to win us a game and at the same time, got timely support from a tail-ender.

Great day for Pakistan cricket and I almost feel bad putting the bowling side down given their past performance. There are several dimensions to how we performed on the field today and I being the minimalist that I like to be, we only touch upon each very briefly.

Firstly, while Akhtar's performance was good towards the end, I would like to point out that 'two swallows does not a summer make'. this being my favourite phrase these days, i think Akhtar needs work 10 times as hard to earn the rest of his living with the Pakistan Cricket Team. I'm sure most of us are now a little reluctant to pat him on the back after just one measly performance.

Secondly, why must it be the case that both batting and bowling not click during the same game for us? It doesn't take a rocket scientist know that the Pakistani bowlers and fielder are capable of achieving a little more than they did out on the field today... do we chalk this one down to nerves or just plain complacency? Something tells me that the curse of mediocrity strikes again!

Finally, and very briefly, its time to find a new wicket keeper. Akmal is a blemish on the legacies of Saleem Yousuf, Moin Khan and Rashid Latif and needs to be replaced as soon as we can grow and pull through the art of nepotis,m another cricketer who is marginally superior. I noticed that he shares a birthday with my dear friend FS... perhaps that's why he sucks so much.

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  1. Q said...

    Hahaha...poor FS man. Bechara..

    Akmal is dreadful. Another friend of mine, Taimur Shera, insists that Akmal holds the world record for most catches dropped in cricket. Although there are no stats to be found anywhere to support that claim, I tend to agree... Akmal is pure abysmal. He cant even collect the ball cleanly, let alone take catches. Moreover, his batting has declined too.

    There are many on the domestic scene who can replace him - Zulqarnain Haider, Sarfraz Ahmed, and his own brother Adnan Akmal who is a brilliant keeper.

    PCB need to select a new keeper when they announce the squad for the test series against India.

    Pakistan's batting was brilliant and totally unlike them. It was a professional effort from a team known for its unpredictability and lack of discipline. I don't think you can expect the same from this lot game in game out. Last night was once in a lifetime kind of performance. Not many teams have chased over 300 in ODIs and it was Pakistan's only 2nd time and their highest ever chase.

    I don't agree with the assessment on the bowling though - Pakistan didnt bowl that badly. Too many extras i agree, but India gave a similar amount proving that it was difficult controlling the swing and bounce of the pitch.

    Shoaib Akhtar was the most economical bowler from Pakistan's side, and though I agree that he needs to continue doing the same over more matches, I feel he is well on his way to do so. He looks fitter and more determined than ever before.

    BUT knowing him, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  2. obaid said...

    I disagree about Shoaib.. he seems to be huffing and puffing and trying extra hard. Yesterday , in his opening spell he was bowling below 140. Also whenever he gets a wicket he uses the break to double over and catch his breath. I liked his idea of bowling with a short run up and I think he should continue to do that in test cricket and one dayers for more control and also to save the burst of pace to surprise and hurry batsmen

    I thought Pakistan's bowling wasnt terrible... it lacked inspiration early on when the picth was offering assistance. Shoaib bowled too short. The second spell by Gul and Shoaib was great. I was also impressed my Tanvir's length. He is not afraid to pitch the ball up and attack the stumps which is surprisingly very uncommon these days. I though that one of Tanvir, Shoaib or Gul should have bowled the last over because Rao was terrible... Harbhajan smacked him around all over the park

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