Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stranger Days...

The rains in Dubai finally stopped yesterday after 5 continuous days of downpour. I thought those were the strangest days ever as it hardly rains in this part of the world. But then Matthew Hayden missed a test match after 7 years. That was stranger. He played 80 odd test matches on the trot - Gilly I think has played close to a 100 on the trot. What do these Aussies smoke?

Rahul Dravid moved back to his favorite position and got out in the 90s playing an unlike-wall type of stroke. Strange? Not more than Matty Hayden missing a test. What was though was the Aussies going into the test with 4 fast bowlers after 16 years. What is this? A week for records?

Hogg and Harbhajan, the 2 spinners who were trying to be thrown out of the 3rd test due to appeals for bans by the opposing teams were dropped from the line up. What was all the fuss about during last week. I doubt anything was stranger than that.

An 18 year old Pakistani opener hit 182 against the Zimbos in a practice match. Thats not strange, Rameez Raja's great granny could have done that.

Shoaib Malik said he may sit out a few ODIs due to the ankle injury. Media reported Younis Khan will captain. Nasim Ashraf said its all speculation till we announce the team. Meda said Younis Khan will not captain. Afridi said he would not say no if he was asked to captain. Media reported Afridi as likely candidate and Misah as dark horse for ODI captaincy. Nasim Ashraf requested for the speculation to stop. Shoaib Malik said he's fit and ready to captain. Strange? Nah just Pakistan cricket!

Shane Warne announced that he is becoming a poker professional! He wil be touring the US and many other places to take part in professional poker tournaments. And what more he says that cricket and poker are very similar. Always knew he linked betting to cricket! And I thought he just gave a weather forecast to the bookie man. Strange? Definitely. After phone sex, drugs, affairs, and match fixing charges; add gambling to the list as well.

Nasser Hussain asked the English cricketers to toughen up as they had gone soft. Not strange, typical English.

Ian Chappel claimed he's not exactly best friends with Geoff Boycott. Aussies not liking the English is not strange at all.

An unnamed PCB official leaked to the media that Shoaib Akhtar's days as a Pakistani cricketer are over. Again hardly strange - these things have been said before.

So what do you think was the strangest cricketing story of the past few days? For me it was this morning. The Indians got to 330 on a 1st day Perth wicket and the Aussies were 4 down for 40 odd. It will be stranger if the Indians stop the Aussie's 16-match winning streak for the second time!

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  1. KC said...

    "LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf said on Wednesday that fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar was himself responsible for his ouster from the national side. “Shoaib is facing fitness as well as disciplinary problems that were even pointed out during the India tour last year. He has repeatedly violated discipline on a number of occasions. His case is referred to the PCB disciplinary committee and his future will be decided in the PCB governing body meeting to be held on 25th of this month,” Nasim told reporters here at Gaddafi Stadium.

    Nasim insisted that fitness would be priority in the board’s selection criteria. “Fitness is our utmost priority and only those players will be allowed to represent the national side who are physically fit,” he maintained. He backed skipper Shoaib Malik who is facing injury problems ahead of the Zimbabwe one-day international series. “Malik has set a good precedent in this regard. He is struggling with his fitness and has announced that he will not play if he is not fully fit.”

    WHY ARE THEY CONSTANTLY IN AKHTAR's FACE ... what's wrong with them?

  2. Jrod said...

    India bowling better at the waca than Australia is pretty strange.

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