Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hopes Tops the List in Episode II of the IPL Player Auction

Part II of the IPL Player Auction was held today. I reported yesterday that Misbah and James Hopes were likely to recieve the highest bids in todays Auction and they in fact did. Well kind of.

Hopes was the most expensive player auctioned today as he went to Preity Zinta's Mohali for $300,000.

Misbah was picked up by Vijay Mallya's Bangalore for $125,000. I thought he would have gone for much more but I guess not many were interested in him, which is surprising. Misbah joins Darvid, Kallis, and Chanderpaul in the Royal Challenger's middle order.

A number of other international players, who were not listed in the 18 initially announced to be auctioned, were sold today as well. This had something to do with a list of names provided by the franchises to the BCCI.

The first English player was signed up with the IPL today - Dmitri Mascarenhas was picked up by Jaipur for $100,000 after an agreement was signed between Jaipur and Hampshire, who have released Mascarenhas for the initial part of the county season. Hampshire will reportedly be compensated for the time Mascarenhas is not available to them.

This just goes to show how the counties and boards are willing to oblige to the BCCI for the IPL, actions that are totally opposite to the ones bing shown for the ICL. Its quite obvious that Shane Warne, captain of Jaipur and Hampshire, would have played a role in the negotiations.

The other players auctioned today include:

Jaipur: Shane Watson ($125,000), Sohail Tanvir ($100,000), Morne Morkel ($60,000), and U19 players Taruwar Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja.

Kolkata: Salman Butt ($100,000), Mohammad Hafeez ($100,000) and U19 players Iqbal Abdullah and Siddarth Kaul.

Mohali: Luke Pomersbach ($50,000), Kyle Mills ($150,000), and U19 players Ajitesh Argal and Tanmay Srivastava.

Delhi: Brett Greeves ($50,000) and U19 Pradeep Sangwan (Soulberry, your wish of Sangwan in the same team as Asif and Mcgrath has been granted).

(Know anything about Greeves Uncle J?)

Bangalore: Ross Taylor ($100,000), Abdur Razzak ($50,000), and U19 Shreevats Goswami.

Mumbai: Ashwell Prince ($175,000), and U19 players Manish Pandey and Saurabh Tiwary.

Chennai: U19 players Napoleon Einstein, Abhinav Mukund, Viraj Kadbe.

Why did Mumbai pay $175,000 for Ashwell Prince when no one was interested in him the first time round?

Many players still remain unsold, but reports indicate that they will be paid their base prices despite not playing for any team.

Earning money for no work? I am definitely in the wrong job.

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4 Pitched:

  1. Viswanathan said...

    Definitely in the wrong profession.

  2. Soulberry said...

    Bangalore may have been stretched....the curious thing is he is their best buy! Along with Ross Taylor...Misbah will be their engines.

    I'm sure if Misbah had responded earlier and been in the first round, Delhi might have snapped him up...or Hyderabad, alongside Symonds and Gibbs!

    Hopes could prove to be a very useful player for Mohali. They too are shaping up great.

    Yep, Q, hope Sangwan picks their brains! He needs to grow physically, but I feel he may not gain much of height anymore.

    I expected Masca or Englishmen to be picked up by Jaipur for their franchisees were involved in setting up the Pro20 all those years ago. With Watson, Tanvir and Morkel too, they are also suddenly looking very strong.

    Delhi looks the weakest T20batting :(

    And Hyderabad looks a 30+ish stroke players club.

  3. Viswanathan said...

    Bangalore appears well rounded.

  4. Q said...

    Bangalore have managed to pick up their socks this time round - Misbah, Taylor, Virat Kohli will do them a world of good after they were stuck with test players in Dravid, Kallis, etc...

    Emerging Media was involved with Pro20 SB?

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