Monday, March 10, 2008

IPL Player Auction Part II - Will Misbah be a Big Draw?

18 International players and 16 Indian U19 players are set to be allocated to IPL franchises tomorrow in what will be a 2nd auction for the international players and draft picks for the U19 players.

Jaipur aka Rajhasthan Royals spent only $2.9 million at the 1st auction, effectively leaving them $2.1 million for tomorrow, and thus are the best placed team to pick up more stars as the IPL Player Auction Part 2 gets underway.

The other teams are left with very little money totaling to a few 100 thousand dollars thus they may not be able to pick up more than 1 international player each at the most.

Misbah Ul Haq, who was arguably one of the best batsmen in last year's T20 World Cup, looks to me as the biggest draw at tomorrow's auction. I reckon if he was there in the first one, he would have been the highest priced Pakistani player but strangely he was missing.

Considering that Bangalore have $374,000 left in their kitty, which is the highest balance after Jaipur's, I see Shane Warne's Royal team picking Misbah up. If they do at a relatively low $400,000 or so, he might end up being the bargain of the tournament -a tag currently associated with Ricky Ponting.

The other players up for grabs include Mohd. Yousuf and Ashwell Prince who no one was interested in the last time round in addition to new entries:

Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez
Australia: Shane Watson, Brad Hodge, James Hopes, Luke Pomersbach
SriLanka: Prassanna Jayawardene
New Zealand: Ross Taylor, Peter Fulton, Jamie How, Jeetan Patel, Chris Martin, Kyle Mills, James Franklin
Bangladesh: Mohammad Ashraful, Mashrafe Murtaza

I wonder if anyone will buy Shane Watson - he'll probaby turn up to play and get a stomach bug or something. I don't see how any of the franchises could be interested in any of these names. They have spent millions on big names in the first auction that all these names look like minions.

Misbah and James Hopes will most likely generate the most interest tomorrow. Lets wait and see how much the franchises dish out for these players. Pomersbach, whose big in the Aussie domestic T20 scene, could also be a big draw.

For the U19 players the BCCI have restricted their salary at $30,000 and 2 players each will be alotted to the 8 teams through draft picks. Since there are no seedings for the teams yet, they will be numbered 1-8 randomly, and select the players in order. Team number 8 will get the 8th and 9th pick, while team number 1 will get the first and last pick, and so on.

Someone is going pick up the hammer again tomorrow and some more cricketers are going to be dollar rich.

How much do u think Misbah will go for?

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  1. David Barry said...

    I'm surprised that people are even trying to guess what the players will go for, given how weird the results of the first auction were.

    But since you've asked, my predictions based on the regression I did after the first auction:

    Misbah-ul-Haq: $300 000
    Watson: $500 000
    Hopes: $400 000

    Will the teams actually be strictly limited in how much they can bid? I thought Mumbai went well over the limit last time.

  2. Q said...

    Hi David.

    The official report by IPL says that the franchises have the following amounts remaining:

    "Bangalore $374,000; Chennai $23,750; Delhi $71,250; Hyderabad $262,500; Kolkata $107,500; Mohali $292,250; and Mumbai $53,750"

    Almost all of them including Mumbai went over $5 million last time. But the report states that the Icon players are not included as part of the $5million cap. So that explains the balance to some extent.

    The balance is also calculated by approximating the salaries of a few players who will not play all the matches, thus on a pro rata basis they will earn lower than their bid price and it is accounted for in the same way in the $5 million cap.

    Therefore, based on the amounts above I guess the following:

    Since Bangalore has $374,000 left they can go as high as $325,000 for an international player assuming they pick 1 U19 player for $30,000 in the draft picks.

    (bid increase is set at 25,000)

    Assuming that Bangalore do bid 325K, Jaipur will just have to bid $350,000 and the player will be theirs.

    So only 1 out of the 18 players to be auctioned tomorrow will go for that amount and that will be the player in whom Bangalore is interested in. My guess is Misbah.

    The other players will go for lower than that since Jaipur can outbid anyone. Only Bangalore can bid as high as 325K with some others as high as 250K and others even lower.

    Lets wait and watch.

  3. Aashrey said...

    I think Misbah will get the highest bid tommorow.He almost won the T20 world cup by himself- he shouldn't have even been on the 2nd auction list.

    James Hopes should definitely go for more than Watson. You're right about Watson, even though there are reports that Jaipur wants him.

    Misbah $450000, Hopes $400000, Watson - whatever's his base price.

  4. Aashrey said...

    Oh and I definitely see some of the Kiwis and Mohammad Ashraful getting some good deals.

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