Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Knight Rider is BACK!

I used to love the show in the 80s. Micheal Knight and Kit were heroes in their own right and I used to follow their adventures week in week out. Micheal Knight then moved on from chasing bad men to chasing bikini clad women and Knight Rider died.

I heard recently that Knight Rider was relaunched and a pilot has been aired with Micheal Knight's son and a new Kit.

But a different kind of Knight Rider was launched in India today.

It was the launch of Shahrukh Khan's Kolkata Knight Riders!

Finally we have an interesting name from one of the IPL franchises. After Super Kings, Royal Challengers, Royals, and Indians; Knight Riders is a refreshing change. And who else than King Khan to come up with something like that.

Team owner Shahrukh Khan, Team captain Saurav Ganguly, and Team Coach John Buchanan launched the name, logo, jersey, mascot, and anthem of the Kolkata team today.

  • The logo is a golden helmet.
  • The jersey is in black and gold.
  • The mascot is a tiger called 'Hoog Lee', which King SRK announced as "not Bruce Lee, not Brett Lee, but better than all the Lees".
  • And the anthem is in bengali with the lyrics "Karbo, Larbo, Jeetbo Re". Translated that means "we will do it, fight it, and win it".

Trust the king of entertainment to make his team the most interesting one out of the lot!

A video of the anthem has also been shot and SRK joked about John Buchanan learning some Bollywood steps for it. I can't wait to get my hands on that video - apparently Shoaib Akhtar, Ganguly, and King Khan all make an appearance in it.

Watch out IPL teams, the Kolkata Knight Riders mean business and they are ready to Rock n Roll!!

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9 Pitched:

  1. Soulberry said...

    You like it Q? Goes with the Big Boys image most of the team members have except for a few!

    Shoaib and Ishant...could be the best opening bowling of all teams.

    Sadly, just a festival status accorded to IPL. Takes a bit of serious thrill out of it.

  2. Pontings_baldspot said...

    festival status?!?! Not with the kind of money on offer..

  3. Viswanathan said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. Viswanathan said...

    A knight has to bow before the King - the Chennai Super Kings.

  5. Q said...

    I like it SB :-) Sounds exciting and fun!!

    Festival status just cos ICC said it wont be included in official records? Doesn't matter SB. The matches will be serious, the player will want to perform to increase their pay packets for the next year, and new rivalries will be formed.

    Cricket revolution is on a roll here...

    Ottayan...the Kings are going down - the Knights are going to take over ;-)

  6. sanath said...

    kolkata team has fair chance of going to the final..no doubt..

  7. apparels4you said...

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  8. Coyaman said...

    Knight Rider, original 80s TV show.

    I happened to be surfing the net today and I´d like to point out that, as opposed to the commom belief that Sir Michael Caine never took part on the show, he actually did.

    I just wanted to clear this out just in case some people have bet on the subject.

  9. Q said...

    Coyaman: this was more abt the cricket team, Knight Riders, than the show that came back and went.

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