Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What Does the Future Look Like?

The History:
  • The English create 20-20 cricket to bring the crowds back to domestic games.
  • Pakistan, South Africa, and Sri Lanka adopt the game soon after.
  • In 2004 England holds a 6 team tournament comprising 20-20 domestic champions from Pakistan, SL, SA, and England.

(This was the first sign of 20-20 becoming something on the lines of the football leagues. All those who have apprehensions on 20-20 taking over cricket, should have realised it back then)

  • Allen Stanford sees potential to lift the domestic game in the Windies through 20-20 and launches the Stanford series.

The Present:

  • Subhash Chandra loses out on a TV contract from the BCCI unfairly and in retaliation launches the ICL.
  • BCCI in retaliation launches the IPL.
  • ECB in order to safeguard its players announce plans for an EPL.
  • Allen Stanford provides his support to the EPL.
The Future:
  • On the back of the success of Lahore Badshahs in the ICL, PCB announces the PPL.
  • In fear of losing domestic cricketers, retired cricketers, coaches, trainers, assistant coaches to the IPL and the ICL, CA launches the APL.
  • South Africa have to do what Australia does and the SAPL is launched.
  • New Zealand hop on board the APL and it is revamped as the TTPL.
  • Sri Lanka faces a threat from the IPL and PPL and announce the SLPL.
  • Bangladesh join forces with the PPL because international stars are unwilling to play in Pakistan or Bangladesh.
  • Allen Stanford lends a helping hand to all the cash strapped leagues, i.e. all those except the ICL, IPL, and TTPL.
The Result:
  • The cricket world in 2010 is comprised of various leagues around the globe including the Stanford WIPL, ICL, IPL, Stanford EPL, Stanford PPL, TTPL, Stanford SLPL, and the Stanford SAPL.
  • Major bidding wars for the best cricketers result in unprecedented salary packages for the players.
  • End of season "The Allen Stanford Grand Championship" involving the champions of the 8 leagues is launched at Lords for a prize money of USD 1 billion.
  • ODI cricket has officially become extinct.
  • Exchange tours between countries involves only test cricket.
  • Allen Stanford acquires the ICC.
  • The FTP is developed for the Whatever PLs and the Grand Championship.

Bright? Dull? Frightening? Crazy? Good? Bad? What does the future look like?

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