Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Asia Cup 2008: Day 1 - Half the Side Gone

Pakistan 140-5 against Hong Kong.

The top 5 back in the pavilion.

HK's left arm spinner has picked up 3 wickets - Younis, Yousuf, and Misbah!

Nuff said.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    not getting live coverage of the match has turned out not to be a bad thing in the end at all! :)

  2. Q said...

    Afridi gone! 6 down for 150.

  3. Anonymous said...

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  4. Anonymous said...

    The batsmen got complacent again, with the exception of Afridi everybody is in form so there was no reason for such a poor display by the top order.
    Fawad Alam and Tanvir were the saviours they saved Pakistan from a possible embarrassment of gigantic proportion.
    I can't understand why are they risking Afridi, he is carrying an injury he is low on confidence with the bat, why can't they rest him in the first round.

  5. Unknown said...

    tsk you don't get it

    it was a brilliant plan to show the world how long our batting line up is

    india'll be cowering for fear when they play us next

  6. Q said...

    Saqib, u mite be right - shoaib malik said: "It happens in cricket often and sometimes your lower order should be tested."

    Thank God they passed the test!

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