Monday, June 9, 2008

Dollar Debuts

The best name ever in cricket, Dollar Mahmud debuted for Bangladesh against Pakistan last night.

I recently posted on the kind of headlines he could make in coming months.

Here are the headlines of Dollar's performances from last night.

Dollar gets a duck.

Akmal edges Dollar to thirdman.

Dollar gets breakthrough with 12th delivery.

Dollar a bit expensive on debut.
Dollar bowls only 4.
Ashraful expects more from Dollar.

Pakistan handle Dollar easily.

Dollar not a threat to Pakistan and India.

Dollar lacks speed.

Dollar can swing both ways.

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2 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    Q, Dollar just lost some value when I saw Cricinfo writes Dolar and not Dolar...losing Dollar surely pains me.

  2. Q said...

    Thats really strange Som. I just checked the scorecard on Cricinfo and they had it down as "Dolar"... but here, in a picture on cricinfo its written as "Dollar"..

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