Monday, June 9, 2008

England on Top

Not only did they win the test series against New Zealand, one from England also displaced me from the top position in Sportsfreak's tipping competition.

King Cricket is now at number 1 on the leaderboard and I have to take off my orange cap that I had been proudly wearing for the last 2 weeks.

I have a chance to get it back when Sportsfreak adds on the series tips, but I think my tipping form has slipped.

Typical Pakistani - start with a bang, end with a whimper! Though I'm holding on to the 2nd position currently, I could drop lower. (Need for some bonus points Sportsfreak).

Well I guess since they have been in the Wisden and all and England have won the test series, its only apt that King Cricket sits on top of the leaderboard.

At number 3, there is another Englishman - The Suave one from Republique Cricket. England have reclaimed the number 3 spot in the test rankings and Suave has done the same jumping up from number 5, where he stood after the 2nd test.

Sportsfreak, who is running the competition and at the same time has claimed to "blatant and careful rigging" is at number 4, dropping a spot from the previous tips.

The first Australian, in the form of Miss Field, makes an appearance at number 5 on the leaderboard. Its strange seeing anything Australian so far down a cricket leaderboard, particularly more so when those above are from England, New Zealand, and Pakistan.

The Silly Point, who was sitting pretty at number 2 at the end of the 1st test has dropped to number 6 at the end of the series. He is followed by Moses from Beer and Sport at number 7 and Martyd from Cricket Action and Art at number 8.

The bottom 4 on the board are equal on points with Cricket with Balls, Sports Review, and Ben & Mike from Mike on Cricket completing the leaderboard.

The fact that Cricket with Balls ended last on the leaderboard goes to show that there is no correlation between tipping and cricket blogging.

Sportsfreak promises more excitement with tipping competitions for the upcoming 20-20 game as well as the following ODIs.

Hopefully the Kiwis will do better in the ODIs and the 20-20 game.

Actually, definitely they will do better.

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5 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    One point of clarification:

    The rigging has indeed been careful, but at no stage has Sportsfreak received bonus points.

    NZers play by the rules to a fault…

  2. Q said...

    Hahaha.. never said otherwise Sportsfreak and point noted ;-)

    Well done with this whole thing..looking forward to the next ones...

  3. Anonymous said...

    Nice work Q!

    I can't remember how my series picks went, but I could be taking that second place soon!

  4. Q said...

    I think I did really badly in the series picks.. so that 2nd spot is all yours for the taking Suave.

    It could 2 Englishmen on top. Who would have thought? ;-)

  5. Miss Field said...

    I just noticed I'm leading the Aussies.

    C'mon you bastards, we're supposed to be better than fifth and less.

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