Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Traders' Dilemma

Shane Watson was the man of the series in the 1st season of the Indian Premier League. Emerging Media paid $125,000 for his services.

Shaun Marsh won the Orange Cap for being the leading run scorer. Priety Zinta and her partners paid $30,000 for his services.

Sohail Tanvir won the Purple Cap for being the leading wicket taker. Emerging Media paid $100,000 for his services.

The combined investment in these 3 stars - $255,000 - is a half of what Anil Kumble was paid, a third of what Jacques Kallis was paid, and less than a fourth of what each one of the icons earned.

Watson, Marsh, and Tanvir will be the most sought after players when the trading floor opens next year.

While no one would want the likes of Jacques Kallis.

Franchises will bid big amounts for the 3 top performers.

While RCB will look to sell Kallis for as low as possible.

So what will Emerging Media and Priety Zinta do when they are faced with attractive offers for trading their star players?

And what will RCB do when no one is willing to buy Kallis?

If EM and Priety decide to keep Watson, Marsh, and Tanvir and not trade them (which should be the case given their performances) then will they give the 3 a pay hike?

They don't have to since all 3 are bound by 3-year contracts, but their performances demand a pay hike. Especially if other franchises are willing to dish out huge amounts for them.

What about a non performer like Kallis? RCB wouldn't want him, but then no one else would either. He will probably be benched but due to the 3-year contract he will have to be paid $900,000 whether RCB play him or not.

Major Dilemma that is.

What will the IPL franchise traders do? What will the franchise owners do?

Its still 9 months or so till the IPL trading floor opens, but what will go down already looks intriguing.

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2 Pitched:

  1. Miss Field said...

    That is some funny stuff.

    Hooray from rising from obscurity.

    Still, I wouldn't sniff at $30k for six week's work.

  2. Q said...

    But MF, would you sniff if u made $30,000 for 6 weeks work, ended your term as the best employee, and found out that there were inefficient idiots who earned 30 times what you did?

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