Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well Done Miriam!

It wasn't Warne who took the Rajasthan Royals through.

It wasn't Sohail Tanvir either.

It wasn't Shane Watson, nor was it Yusuf Pathan.

It was Miriam of Cricket with Balls who saw it through ball-by-ball, covering every single run, boundary, and six, and at the end ensuring that the Royals get that final run of the final delivery of the Indian Premier League.

What a final!

What an effort Miriam - Well Done!

The team that deserved to win the tournament won.

I am abit overwhelmed by the match and Miriam's coverage of the final (Chennai Super King's innings, Rajasthan Royals innings), so a more in depth post will come by tomorrow.

For now I leave you with 2 thoughts:

1) Sohail Tanvir did what he couldn't in the 20-20 World Cup Final.

2) Did MS Dhoni miss Joginder Sharma?

Make your pitch on this post...

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  1. Miriam said...

    Why thank you Q! Glad you enjoyed the live blog, although I'm exhausted now. Thanks for joining me for the ride and for all your comments (and corrections!).

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